County Administration

The state of Texas is composed of “254 counties” (http://tlo2. tlc. state. tx. us/statutes/lg. toc. htm). A county may occupy a large or small area. As compared to smaller counties where the county judge is the one who executes court task, in larger counties, however, the judge function is bounded. He’s job circles only in working on the “commissioners’ court” (Zink, 1939). Some officials such as the sheriff and tax collector, when it comes to selection, are elected by the people in selected area. The state law government and the commissioners’ court are responsible for the financial matters for these officials.

Specifically, the former decides on their wages but the latter is the one who settles the “office budgets” (Zink, 1939). The state government is the main directive supremacy. All the major undertakings of a respective county, municipality etc. are defined by the state management. Their power and authority are still specified by the state government. Unlike in some US states, Texas doesn’t have “consolidated city-county” (Patterson, 1940). In some states, they have “townships” It is an area in a county which is “either incorporated or unincorporated” (Wikipedia, 2006).

When we say incorporated area, it is simply a part of a city while the uncorporated area it is not part of a city. In Texas, municipal elections are “nonpartisan” Nonpartisan stand for “an election in which the candidates do not declare or do not formally have a political party affiliation” (Wikipedia, 2006). In addition, it also indicates independent party where it has no “formal alignment with a political party” (Wikipedia, 2006). However, a political party can be recognized or distinguished. Like other state, Texas also has many “special districts. ” However, the independent school district is the most recognized.

Special district is designated only by a few certain purposes. It doesn’t provide a wide service programs. They just offer special functions and actions for its constituents according to its necessities. On the other hand, “school districts” are designated to manage schools. It mainly focuses on the “local primary and secondary schools” (Wikipedia, 2006). School district is also composed of a board of trustees that functions autonomously. Unlike any other form of special government, it works separately, thus, without any leading authority. School districts may cover 2 or more counties boundaries.

In short, they are not generally bounded in a city or county borders. E. Transportation The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is the central agency of the state which covers all the functions in transportation such as airports and highways. Its purpose is to provide the necessities of all the people in transportation means. It is formed to offer faster access of people in terms of transportation. Specifically, “Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)” is the principal public transportation authority in Dallas. In politics, “districts are usually drawn after the national census every 10 years” (Wikipedia, 2006).

In military aspects, the state of Texas serves as the home for all the military training and military installations (Davidson, 1990). In addition, being the central state in all military exercises, the state is wide range when it comes to “reserve units and guard units” (Zink, 1939). The structure and form of the local government is one of the key bases for its development. The form of the Local Texas Government gives the framework of the state government. However, the structure is the main foundation on how local governments work and functions.

It gives shape and outline to the different actions, negotiations and service projects of the state government. However, the way on how it is formed and structured would turn to nothing if the operation of the local government is very poor. Local government actions pave the way of it towards it progress. The way on how the government work and how the work is being executed provide the necessary steps toward economic stability. The development of the Texas is rooted from the performance of its composition, its county, and municipality. It also depends on the functions and strategy being run by the state.

Its progress is dependent on each local government. However, the most important element of a local government are the discipline among the state officials on how they actually properly executed their actions and plans and the peoples’ supports on the states plans ad strategies. Worthwhile projects would return to a worthless one if areas’ subordinates don’t give efforts for its successful implementation. Indeed, its citizens are the one who are responsible for this advancement. Actually, the people form the government and give the necessity for the government to function properly.

Hence, the ways on how people work will greatly influence on how the government will function.


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