Corrections: K9 Unit

The K-9 unit uses highly trained dogs to sniff out illegal substances, control suspects, attack violent people, and to locate missing people.. The K-9 unit greatly improves the departments ability to enforce laws. K-9 officers are law enforcement agents. Their duties are to investigate criminal activities, respond to calls for assistance, filing reports, questioning suspects, participating in community services, and etc. In addition to these duties, K-9 officers are responsible for training and caring for their dogs, who serve as partners to the officers. Education Requirements

The education requirements to become a K-9 officer are that you must obtain an associates degree or at least two years of college education but a bachelors degree is preferred in this department. The courses recommended to take in college are criminology, psychology, sociology, or criminal justice. To become K-9 officer you will be exhorted to have your associates to be able to enter. The salary K-9 officers receive while working in the department is 55,620 (minimum) dollars per year. With significant experience or an advanced degree a K-9 officer can earn to 72,761 to 91,178 dollars per year.

Training The training K-9 officers are exhorted is to go through several of months of specialized training in handling their dogs while continuing to work. Up to a total of four hundred hours of training is required. The areas covered by K-9 officers training include canine psychology, safety, feeding, care, the legal aspects of using dogs in police work, crowd control, obedience, tracking, and narcotics training.

Hiring Criteria To become a K-9 officer you will need to go through a physical fitness, polygraph, background check, oral examination, psychological evaluations, licensing, and etc. The qualifications for a K-9 officer are similar to a police officer requirements. If the applicant is hired in the department relocation is not exhorted.