Continental Europe

As stated in the previous lesson, “All that Napoleon proposed and provided, the French generally agreed to, as long as the peace and security they so desperately sought came along with it. ” Many people in society today seem to hold to the same belief: “As long as I am safe and secure, it doesn’t matter what the government does. ” In other words, they are willing to sacrifice certain freedoms for safety and security. Using resources from the library, the Internet, or other sources, research the attitudes of Napoleon’s day and compare them to the attitudes of our modern society. Write a report of 750 words; be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. ?

What freedoms were the people of Napoleon’s day willing to sacrifice? ?In our own day, what freedoms are people willing to sacrifice for greater security — especially in light of the attacks of September 11, 2001? ?Which do you believe to be worse — a domineering government or the attitudes of the people who will allow themselves to be dominated?

The people of France gained more than they sacrificed to Napoleon. They gained equality before the law, better school systems and a strong sense of national pride. However as the years of warfare that were being led by the British took its toll it was necessary for Napoleon to enforce some rather disliked policies. The earliest and most used was censorship of the press. This extended to Napoleon’s satellites, especially Germany where many of Napoleon’s enemies attempted to cause dissent among the people.

Although first used during the French revolution, Napoleon continued the use of conscription, this increased drastically in the later years of his empire when he called up conscripts before they were 18. In an effort to end the war with Britain Napoleon enforced the Continental system (blockade) that greatly injured the economy of mainland Europe and caused great dissent in his empire and among his allies. In return for these hardships, France and her satellite states were the dominant power in Europe and nearly every continental European power was in an alliance with them. In 1812 they were able to field the largest army up to that point in history.

They were willing to give up privacy for safety. Many Americans are for the goverment monitoring citizens phone calls, emails, etc. They were for the establishment of security cameras in many public places so that suspicious behaviour could be monitored. Domineering Government- it imposes its will on all People who want to be dominated by their government is a personal choice.