Consumer Behavior Assignment

America’s mighty economic resources and manufacturing capacity were turned to the great military challenges confronting it. According to Marc (2008), the major automakers converted their production facilities to war-time vehicles – Jeeps, tanks, trucks and armored cars. In 1943 only 139 passenger vehicles for civilian use were made in the U. S. after World War II. After the end of World War II, consumer spending in the US was raising. American families were able to buy cars based on their income levels. Automobiles were needed more than ever, and were within reach for many first-time buyers.

By 1948, the American auto industry rolled out its thousands of cars. Buick introduced its Dynaflow automatic transmission. More innovations followed, including power steering, disk breaking and power windows. (Marc, 2008) The Ford falcon station wagon 1956 commercial. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=tq5Lnw3H6mE Ford was one of the major US auto makers. The rise of consumer spending in the early 1950’s, brought an opportunity for the Ford Company to make an affordable, spacious cars for middle income American families. Ford was selling many cars for middle income families. Ford

was making its car based on an average American family value. One of the models Ford started building was the falcon station wagon. The falcon station wagon was one of the famous middle income cars for over 40 years. The first falcon station wagon was launched in 1950s. The 1956 Ford falcon targeted these three important values. The first part of the commercial showed that the Ford falcon has an ample space for loading and unloading construction materials, furniture and many more. This part targeted a hardworking man who loves to do things around his house.

The car provides great space to carry many things. At the same time, the same guy is seen as a professional who works in the office. This professional job comes with stylish Ford Falcon. The other part from the commercial was a family guy who took out his two kids and his wife for a picnic, going out with family needs an ample space for the kids, wife and some extra items that go to the rear trunk and the Ford falcon was able to accommodate all of them. Finally, the same guy was seen taking out his wife for Saturday night. The date night comes with the stylish 1956 Ford falcon. The 1956 Ford falcon commercial

focused on three important values. 1) Trunk Space 2) Style 3) Back sits space. Ford was trying to show how that, Ford has become an icon of American family life style. 2 Ford Falcon The Ford falcon station wagon 1975 commercial, www. youtube. com/watch? v=PZ0iUnDfzN0 As the 1956 commercial, the 1975 Ford falcon commercial also targeted the most important values for US car buyers. The first one was great loading space at the back, with a fold down back sit, at the same time folds up third row sit. This was demonstrated in the commercial a family of eight fitted in the car comfortably.

At the same time the presumable owner was relaxing in his new stylish 1975 Ford falcon. As the 1956 Ford falcon commercial, the 1976 Ford falcon commercial was targeting 1) Trunk space 2) Style 3) Back sit space 4) Price. But the 1975 Ford falcon came with more loading space and more passenger sits, this shows the American car buyers was looking to have more spacious and more sits for extra passengers. The commercial was addressing how the 1975 Ford falcon has 7 feet of space from the front sit to rear door. Since the commercial itself was made around a family life, it was clear that,

the manufacturer was also trying to address the Americans family value. And finally, Ford was advertising the price for the car as well. According to Dale (1996) from auto news, by 1975 an average new family car was sold for $4,950. 00. The Ford falcon MSRP was $4,367. 00, which is below the average selling price in 1975. Ford was advertising the better car for better price. Ford was able to show the 4 important consumer values in the commercial. The trunk space was covered in the commercial, The style and the look was covered in the commercial, and the back sit space was covered, and finally the cost was covered in the commercial.

Ford was trying to show, how the brand itself has become a part of an average family life style. (Dale, 1996) The Ford Falcon G6E 2014 Commercial, http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=3Ugzy8DtRBc After many years of experience in manufacturing cars, Ford has developed a great experience and market share. After the 1970’s increasing oil price, the American family started considering gas consumption on their daily commute. Following the gas price, auto manufacturers started developing different technologies based on the consumer needs.

The consumers’ need drives the manufacturers technological, and development skills. 3 Ford Falcon According to Ford. com (2014), in 1980, Ford stopped manufacturing the Falcon station wagon for losing its market share for many foreign and domestic cars. The traditional Ford falcon was a gas guzzler; According to David (2014) Ford lost many of its loyal customer for less gas consumer cars, mostly foreign cars. Many new car buyers were choosing other cars for better gas millage. Even though Ford was making different models, the company halted the Falcon production line. (Ford.

com, 2014) In 2005, Ford has launched the newly designed Falcon, since the falcon has become one of the favorable family cars in Europe and American auto market. The 2014 Falcon commercial clearly shows how Ford has changed the Falcon based on the consumer needs. The new Falcon is equipped with 6 cylinder 2. 0L EcoBoost engine. The Ecoboost engine is a technology that improves daily gas/millage. The body style was more designed with aerodynamics technology, which helps for better speed and better gas/millage. The interior has ample space for four passengers.

The cabin is equipped with Bluetooth, navigation, and many more features. The 2014 Ford Falcon commercial clearly address the consumer’s needs. Technology has become a major part of our life in many ways. Price is one of the important factors in the new Auto market, since the auto market is flooded with many brands and models, consumers have a lot to choose from. Many manufacturers target different part of the society, But the Falcon is still designed for middle income families. According to autotrader. com (2014), an average car price in the US for 2014 is $ 25,000. 00.

The 2014 Ford falcon starting price is $ 18,900. 00, which is less than the average price. The Falcon commercial clearly addressed how the Falcon will provide a better gas millage, a technological connection with the outside world, and a specious front and back sits, the affordable pricing, are clearly addressed in commercial. The consumers are clearly valued this 4 important factors. In conclusion, the commercials presented by Ford Company were targeting the American car buyers based on their values. It’s clear that the American families values in buying new cars has not been changed that much.

The American Auto consumers are still valuing 1) Space 2) Style 3) Technology and finally 4) Gas consumption are the important factors. 4 Ford Falcon References Davis, Marc (June, 2008). How the U. S. Automobile Industry Has Changed. Retrieved from http://www. investopedia. com/articles/pf/12/auto-industry. asp Jewett, Dale (June, 1996) 1975 CAR PRICES BROUGHT STICKER SHOCK, THEN REBATES. Retrieved from autonews. com/article/19960626/ANA/606260830/1975-car-prices- brought-sticker-shock-then-rebates N. A(2014) Our History: Falcon station wagon. Retrieved from Ford. com 5