Construction Site Accidents

The construction sector has been ranked as the industry with the highest number of occupational injuries that are both fatal and non fatal. When big construction jobs are initiated, such as building a new housing or shopping complexes, there is a great deal of movement going on in a small area. Cranes, trucks and diggers are all vying for space to complete their project in a timely manner. Every year, many people fall victim to injury, harm and even death through accidents on construction sites.

These sites are rife with danger, but most sites follow strict health and safety rules to ensure that these dangers are not a threat to the workers on the site. However, accidents do happen, and these can result from a variety of causes. While construction sites can be dangerous for workers, even people who don’t work in construction can still be injured on or near work sites. Some construction site dangers include open manholes, unsafe scaffolding, falling debris and malfunctioning heavy machinery.

If the site is well organized, then few accidents will take place, but this is not always the situation. Poor supervision of the work environment and poor safety standards combine to mean that accidents are inevitable on some sites. It is often difficult to determine who is to blame on a construction site According to Lawcore. com, the smaller the project the higher the risk for the employee as the general contractor may think it is such a quick job that it is not necessary to install all the safety features.

Sometimes this can be a fatal mistake. Many contractors have been killed when someone removes a sheet of plywood from a floor to use somewhere else and doesn’t mark the area. Suddenly the floor that you knew was there a few minutes ago is gone and you are falling through the hole where you were walking a short time ago. Of course, some construction site accidents are the fault of the injured party and injuries that result from the inappropriate behavior of the injured party are not usually open to compensation claims.

Therefore, if you suffer an injury due to being drunk or disorderly at work, under the influence of drugs, negligent, careless or through a mistake of your own, you generally cannot file a suit because the injury was caused through your own fault. However, in many cases the accidents on construction sites are not the fault of the injured party, and under these circumstances you could be eligible to claim compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, pain, suffering, and any long term injuries sustained through the accident. Just imagine if you get seriously hurt on the job.

The medical bills alone would be enough to put you under significant financial stress. That doesn’t even take into account what pain and suffering you will have to go through on your way to recover and it would prove devastating to your family. It could mean the difference between you struggling for the rest of your life trying to support your family or having the peace of mind that you and your family will be taken care of. If there is the case where someone you love loses their life, this could mean the future of your children without you around.

When an accident happens, it is not just your life that is in jeopardy but if you are married with children, it jeopardizes their future as well. The cost for your medical bills alone will be outstanding, not to mention that you will have no pay to cover other expenses in life. Workers on construction sites are covered by workers compensation agreements, but the value of these has eroded over the years and most workers recovering from construction site injuries will rarely get more than 2/3rds of their normal weekly earnings.

If the injuries are serious and lengthy, then medical treatment will be required, let only a recuperation period back at home. The workers compensation amount will never cover the costs of these unexpected expenses. A compensation claim would ease the financial hardship that has occurred as a result of the injuries. At the same time, the victim will feel that someone has been truly made accountable for such a horrific situation. By Richard S. Jaffe Esq. at Injury Law Daytona 1. 2 PROBLEM STATEMENT In 2011, there were 541 fatalities in that year alone which were due to a fall to a lower level.

The number of injuries in this sort of accident is far greater and can involve life changing situations for victims. Apart from falls from a height in 2011, there were 472 workers who were fatally injured when they were hit by objects or equipment. 219 of these workers were hit by falling objects while 192 were hit by a powered vehicle or another type of moveable equipment. Many construction site accidents could be avoided if each supervisor ensured all workers followed strict rules that are laid down for workers. 1.

3 AIM Our aim is to * Identify some construction site accidents. * Investigate into the occurrences of these construction site accidents. * Proposed a means of controlling these construction site accidents. 1. 4 OBJECTIVES This paper considers the following * Investigating into the effects of constructions site accidents. * Identifying into currently various ways of reducing construction site accidents. * Identifying current means of addressing post accidents incidents. * Other information that may arise 1. 5


* Lack of enough literature on construction site accidents in Ghana * Time constraints allocated for the work was inadequate * There were no funds allocated from the institution for this work. 1. 6 SCOPE This work would focus on the Construction industry (Building, Road and Civil construction). 1. 7 METHODOLOGY To be able to complete this research at a reduced cost, the following forms of data collection process and mode would be adopted and data would be selected all round the construction industry through:

* Field visits to some construction sites

* Interviews * Questionnaires * Books * Journal * Lecture notes * Magazines 1. 8 ANALYSIS OF RESULTS The results from the data collection would be analysed to determine the direction of study. The method to be adopted is the description statistical method. Description statistical method deals with graphically illustrating information. It will be represented in the form of tables, bar chart, histogram, line graph etc… description statistical method has the advantage of given a readily idea without studying that particular data.