Construction Report. Confined space

1. What is work health and safety? Explain the importance of WHS in the workplace

Answer: Workplace, health and safety is a set of rules and guidelines that everyone has to follow, If these regulations are not executed there can be fines issued to whoever is responsible. WHS is important because these laws prevent injury’s and possibly death, they teach workers to pay attention to there surroundings and to protect companies from law suits, citations and fines. But at the end of the day it is to make sure that all workers can go home to their families at the end of the working day.

2. Identify 5 laws or regulations that govern workplace health and safety.

Answer:1. Regulation 41 provides that a PCBU at a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the provision of adequate facilities for workers. Facilities in this regulation include toilets, drinking water, washing facilities and eating facilities. 2. Regulation 42 provides that a PCBU at a workplace must ensure the provision of first aid equipment for a workplace and access by each worker to the equipment, and access to facilities for the administration of first aid. 3. Regulation 44 applies if personal protective equipment is to be used to minimize a risk to health and safety in relation to work at a workplace in accordance with the hierarchy of control measures

4. Regulation 73 requires a PCBU to ensure that an ignition source is not introduced into a confined space, if there is a possibility of fire or explosion in the space being caused by an ignition source being introduced into the space. 5. Regulation 238 requires the person with management or control of an amusement device at a workplace to ensure that the amusement device is operated only by a person who has been provided with instruction and training in the proper operation of the device.

3. Choose a business in the construction industry. Make a list if hazards that may be present in the industry. Choose 5 hazards and complete appendix 1- Hazards: risk assessment and controls

4. In a table identify 10 roles and responsibilities to both employer and employees in relation to WHS.

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