Considering Sex and Gender

In considering crime as it relates to any person, it is important to consider the ways in which poverty and oppression have negative effects on every person who suffers through this social injustice. Women are not free from the dangerous experience of having been subjugated and impoverished, mentally, emotionally, physically, and economically, and sexuality is certainly related to the mixture of women being involved in criminal behavior. The abuse that many women experience is profound.

From mental to emotional to physical to sexual anguish, females encounter some of the worst experiences known to humanity. In regard to procreation and raising children, there are many men who do not take their responsibilities seriously, and women are left struggling to support their babies and fractured families. Absent fathers is a large part of the problem in the sufferings of women with children, because the needed mental, emotional, and physical support is often missing from the lives of mothers and children.

Children are pretty much abandoned to schools and day cares while women struggle to make ends meet, and family time is reduced to maybe a quick meal together in the evening, if the mother has any drive and energy left to do housework. Criminal activity by women is perpetuated by a system in which sexuality is not respected as procreative and men do not take the responsibility as husbands and fathers. Sexual abuse also contributes to women becoming involved in sexual activity.

When women are used and not cherished, there is no romance in the relationship and women are abused rather than loved. Knowing that someone want to be with you sometimes, when convenient, only here or there, without any sense of faithful commitment and nurturing care and respect, women certainly suffer from lack of consideration and fall victim to the possibility of becoming involved in criminal behavior. Restoring love and compassion in sexuality can restore the complimentary roles of the genders.