Congressman Steven King

In a study by Congressman Steven King, (R-IA), there are eight murders, nine sexual assaults and twelve robberies a day which are committed by illegal immigrants. There are illegal immigrants who come to this country with the only intention to work and even though they are still a drain on the economy as the taxes which they pay are less than the services which they receive, they do not commit any crimes. There is on the other hand, a sizable population; the other half who could not find it in themselves to conduct themselves in the general population in their home country, yet people are surprised when the came happens here in America.

In May of 2007, an illegal immigrant was drinking and driving and crashed into a car, killing two teenagers and another will be forever severely scarred by the reckless actions of the driver. The driver, an illegal immigrant from Mexico was in the country illegally and when his record was recovered from Mexico, had had a number of altercations with the law. Why was this person given a driver’s license and perhaps a loan to buy the car? Why was his record not checked out by the United States government and the border patrol before letting him into the country?

Why was he allowed to be employed in the country in the first place? If any one of these had been disallowed, despite the fact that all of the various aspects of the immigration laws should have been enforced, the lives of three innocent teenagers would have been sparred of any of this. All crime is appalling and should invoke such an ire in the general population that all efforts to should be made to prevent the crime from over happening and if it should still happen, then swift justice needs to be levied against the person and the general public sent a message that such crimes will not stand.

The country will never be totally crime free but when such avoidable and senseless crimes occur; crimes which, had the United States government, promoted by an enraged public, had enforced the immigration laws which had already been on the books, such tragedies would have been avoided and the United States might start to finally win the war on drugs which has helped to push the crime rates in our major urban areas exponentially over the past few decades. Nowhere is the problem of crime brought on by illegal immigration more apparent than in Los Angeles.

When an illegal immigrant comes to America and takes the job of an American who would have paid taxes and who is in the country legally, that serves as an impediment to the safety and good conduct of the country. However, when an illegal immigrant comes to America after already having numerous instances with the law and escapes to America because he knows that he will receive safe haven from an apathetic government and then kills a person in America that should stir up the ire in every person.

Also, what should not be a surprise to anybody is the fact that many illegal immigrants who participate in bad conduct in America and are eventually arrested, they had had some the same experiences while living in their home country. 38% of the gang members of Los Angeles are here illegally and of those 38%, a whopping 71% has a criminal record which was earned while living in their home country. When this is allowed to happen, the American government is to blame. Failure to do anything to address the problem is as bad as doing a job badly.

This is what is occurring in America today. Also, crime in the cities in the form of gangs, serve as a huge impediment for all peace loving cities and communities. In a recent LA Times expose, over 65% of the gang members in LA County are illegal immigrants. In LA alone, where rival gangs fight and will die over the smallest and most unimportant piece of land, often times catching innocent people in the crosshairs, it was cited that in 2005, more than 145 murders were committed by illegal immigrants.

How these statistics must get under the ire of those peace loving and law abides citizens who have to deal with the drugs and crime from within their own borders which are home grown. It is unfair, unwise and immoral to expect that these people absorb the crime which is committed by the undesirables of other countries who will gladly allow, and even encourage their worst criminals to cross the border to America in order that they save