Comparison of Shane and The Chrysalids

In the book Shane, Shane is the main character and the hero. Shane is loyal to the Starretts who take him in, and shows this by fighting Fletcher and his men, to save the Starretts land, and their home. In all situations Shane stays calm and sensible. When taunted in the saloon by Chris, he keeps his cool and walks away. He teaches Bob many things about manhood. Unlike most of the farmers in the Wyoming valley, Shane does not carry a gun. He is an excellent gunslinger, but like all heroes do, he uses his skills only when he has to. Shane is a man of action; he uses very little words.

He and Marian develop strong feelings for each other, but he is a good man and does not want to destroy the Starretts' family. When the time comes Shane confronts Fletcher and Wilson and kills them both in a gunfight. In the Chrysalids, David Strorm is the narrator and the hero. Throughout the story he has many heroic acts. David is a sensible boy. When Alan Ervin discovers Sophie, David fights him to give Sophie a chance to escape. In this instance, like any other hero would, David puts himself in danger for someone. David is also very brave.

He promises the Wenders that he will overnight at their residence, so as to give them a head start. Through the night he is very afraid and thinks of going home, but is determined to keep his promise. This act shows how loyal and determined he is. David always knows that the day will come, when he and the other telepaths, will have to flee Waknuk. When this day comes, he faces it like the hero he is. Instead of leaving his little sister Petra in Waknuk to be tortured and questioned, he heroically takes her with himself and Rosalind and they eventually escape to Zealand.

David and Shane can be compared. They are true heroes. They risk their lives for others, stand for justice, and act sensibly in the face of danger. Just as Shane fights for the Starretts, David fights to protect Sophie. Shane, unlike David, decides what he will do and then does it. Michael decides what to do; David just carries out the heroic act. Attitudes to Power and Authority In both books there are different attitudes to power and authority. To all the farmers in the Wyoming valley Luke Fletcher is the power and the most feared man.

Fletcher is a rich and greedy landowner. He has little or no regard for anyone. He attempts to take the farmers' lands. Shane the hero in the novel does not approve of what Fletcher is doing. Shane does not fear Fletcher and he ignores threats from Fletcher and his men. When Shane confronts Fletcher and his hired gunman Wilson, and kills them both, he shows that he is the ultimate power, in the Wyoming valley. In the Chrysalids, people such as, the inspector and Joseph Strorm are the authority. Joseph Strorm is a magistrate and a lay-preacher.

He is also an extremist and a bigot. He is obsessed with purity. David, Joseph Storm's son, has no regard for power and authority. He learns about the 'true image' at school and at home, but willfully ignores what he learns. He befriends a girl named Sophie who is a deviant. David cannot see what is wrong with a person being different. He looks at personalities, rather than physical appearance. When Joseph Strorm finds out that his son has concealed a blasphemy, he becomes furious and chastises David.