Company reorganization

I regret to inform you that due to some financial difficulties that our company has been struggling with for a quite a long period we are forced to close existing production facility and relocate to Moline to pursue consolidation effort. Unfortunately, it means that a lot of you will lose your jobs.

In fact, the plant operations are planed to be phased out during next six months. Therefore, we consider our responsibility to let you know in advance so that you are able to find another place to work. The main reason we have taken such an important and responsible decision is to improve the current situation that the company had been caught in. It is only possible to do by consolidating older facilities and thus taking care of asset management.

I want to notice that not all employees are going to be shortcut. Many of you will get a chance to relocate with us to Moline. The final decision whether to get transferred or not remains at your personal consideration. The details of the transfer opportunity will be provided to you over the next few months on the individual basis.

However, it is also crucial to notice that the company values and appreciates the contribution of all employees not just some of them. That is why in order to prove the loyalty of the company, we decided to give weekly severance pay for those who are not transferred to Moline. The pay will be based upon the number of years of work at the plant.

I am strongly convinced that experience gained at the Normal plant will help you to succeed in pursuing your future work path. On my behalf, I promise to provide you with recommendations if necessary in order to facilitate the process of finding a new job.

Best regards,