Company planning

The maximum communication outcome can be achieved by focusing on two aspects.

One, that the company has taken this step only after trying all other alternatives, and when no other option was left. This has to be backed up by facts and figures. Second, the company has taken due care to see that the laid off employee is reasonable stable financially, for he near future. The laid off employee has to be convinced that he will not be facing a total vacuum, all of a sudden.

The purpose of communication would be to show great amount of concern for the laid off employees, on humanitarian grounds. To stress this point, the communication may also inform that these employees will be given top priority in future, if the company decides to add employees, once its financial position is sound.

The message would be aimed at the employees, who are to be laid off.. They may be workers, or middle level group, or the managerial level group. All of them would be sharing a common element of insecurity. Irrespective of their background and their skills, these employees would be fearing about their future prospects. Equally, they would also be worried about their families also. How to live without any income? Would be the question which is the center for all worries for all of them.

Ethics need to be followed to effectively communicate this decision to these employees. It needs to be borne in mind that for so many years in past, the company has been existing and surviving because of these employees.. Ethically, these employees must be compensated in such a way that their future is reasonably secured.  The tone has to be sympathetic and very polite