Cloud Comp

Intro – why cloud? internet always depicted as a cloud in pictorial representation formation of clouds and breaking up

How? – realized that h/w is underutilized

Change from traditional modelScalability a problem in traditional computing that consisted of a H/W (processor, ram, hard disk), OS and S/W Hardware costsAccessibilityUpgradesBusiness continuity and disaster management

Distributed Modelin a signle computer with multi core processor, multiple ram and multiple hard drive – it is a distributed model Client Server Model (communication over n/w using IP address and messages to communicate) Virtualization – multiple partitions in your compute

– gmail server (multiple processor virtualized to look like one)

Case study- online money transfering using web application- net bankingfrom ICICI to SBI Client machine request – ICICI server once doneICICI server act as client and talk to SBI serverClient and srver and interchangable

Grid Computing

grid is a network hence grid computing is n/w computing is a form of ditributrd computing  distribute work to different computers in the n/w client server? yes but server sends the request to clients (distribute work), client process and sends respose back. say 50 formulas to be calculated like in case of weather forecast, server distrubute the 50 formulas to different clients in the n/w. the server then aggregates the responses from the clients and orders it to make sense. In short server does the resource management

– clients use their own hardware and other resources

-server needs to know how fast each client is, connection strength, type of commncn etc to distribute wisely

-server doesn’t care how it is processed only the response- server gathers and orders responses

Demo on BOINC – berkeley open Infrastructure network computing SETI – search for extra terrestrial intelligence – listen for radi signals, and look for intelligent waves not a proffesional group, intrest driven team. They cant have their resource so they use BOINC. SETI at Personal computer act as the server and sends request, the priority is always less.

MilkyWay, similar app trying to map whole of milky wayalso needs high computational power. takes images and image processing. Cient side comp run diagnostic and send report to server. server send request to client, client process (100% perfomance by client machine in task manager), but doesn’t interfeare or effect the work in client machine, coz priority is low. can manage the time of running this applications.

Cloud Conceptsrenting instead of buying – pay only for what u use.can be used to connect your computer (thin client) to a computer with better and stronger configuration (thick clients) through a browser.

diff b/w cloud and grid

transparencycloud – opaque to resources, cannot figure where what resource is coming from grid – resources are exposed

federationcloud – provider make their on architecture, federation provided only through client interface grid – middleware approach (middleware is that s/w that makes it look like a single h/w)

case study – forbes.comstock market trade – transaction (buy and sell) only from 9 am to 3.30 pm on weeke days. hesvy load during this period. hence they don’t have to buy heavy duty servers, and spend on maintanance. solution can be to keep few servers with them and hire the rest on cloud. Advantages: only for wht u use2.scalabiliy, with few clicks they can commission or decommission more servers, as and when transactions increase or decrease. To set up a server IT team can take months, on cloud its almost instant. 3.Forbes job is not to provide It services, but to do stock transactions, amazon will provide that. relying on amazon for IT service, forbes can not worry about IT services and concentrate more on their job. 4.Rent jusy .10 cent for an hr create private one for a company, more security.

How is it possible to do for 10 cents?The providers have identified unused space in their webhosting servers. so they use only the servers they already had but unused. 10 cents is thus extra money

Android Phones – contacts saved, sync with gmail, all ur contacts in gmail, even if u loose ur contacts, u can have it in your gmail, next phone, link it with same gmail account – u have all ur contacts

Setup and demo

2 approaches of setting up clientCloud provider view pointBlue gene approach – using main frame – provided by IBMclustering approach- google

Client PerspectiveInfosys – needs entire desktop for an employee, use VPN or RSA connection rediff – doesn’t need desk top only servers social n/w (orkut/facebook) – doesn’t need desk top only servers

All the above users can come in and can leave, by hiring from cloud, the problem of wasting machine when user reduce is not there.

Cloud OfferingsInfrastructure (IaaS) – servers (Rackspace, Joyent)Platform (PaaS) – azure (microsoft), SDK, force.comApplication (SaaS) – program written on SDKs, google docs, sales force, zoho- accounting collaboration- cutomer relation ship management- Enterprise Resource Planning- Human Resource Management- Content Management etc

will not have to install on all user PC, cost of individual licence

IaaS Deployment ModelsPublic CloudCommunity CloudHybrid CloudInter cloud – network of networksCloud Storage –

DisadvantagesPrivacy/security – data is away from you- control lost?its possible for your server can get provider can access it.

Availability and perfomanceinternet connection down

sustainability and sitingcannot cope up with the maintanance

business of thin client manufactures can reduce?can gain in thick client production. Moving from laptop to tablets. even with less config, they can connect to cloud to leverage its power. enterprise has the required internet connectivity, but individuals don’t. indutry is more on increasing the net speed. individuals using cloud in a way they don’t realize

Compliance – standardization? breaks down softwares for interface, Eucalyptus, nymbus etc has s/w to make their architecture in line with amazon

Internet EcosystemHCL – manage Carbon – software used to analyse and manage its carbon emissions. migrated to windows azure, using cloud this application is offered on – premise maintanance cost is reduced, and cost of entry, and cost of ownership deployment to 1/4 of the time

Day 2EyeOS – Cloud based OSinstall and modify apache serverextension=php_curl.dllextension=php_shmop.dllmemory_limit = 128 to memory_limit = 256restsrt apache in xammp

To run office as daemon (daemon – small s/w that run to listen signals) asking it to accept connection and listen to port 8100

soffice.exe -headless -noloop -orestore accept=socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;StartOffice.ServiceManager

Port – s/w and services listening to different port default to them; eg apache 8080 Kaazing WebSocket Gateway, the world’s first high-performance Web communication platform

http://localhost/eyeos/index.phphttp:// –> to logn to server give the IP address or the computer name intead of localhost, if on the n/w

exif tool for cloud indexing metadata has to be indexed for easy search eyeOS – Destop as a service (all three Iaas, Paas, SaaS together)

VirtualizationFor running multiple OS

Why? – better utilization, reduce e- waste

·1-1 mapping b/w h/w and os·underutilized h/w – 140 billon dollar in excess server capacity today ·conflicts b/w apps·unsustainable power, cooling req – 29 billion $ in power and cooling industry wide, 20:1 admin ratio for maintanace

instead of OS controlling H/w , Virtualiztion layer controls eg: KVM, XEN, (no OS) VM ware

multiple projects machine can run in isolation in different virtual machines on same physic direct access to h/w – gives better perfomanceallocate resource as and when required