Civil rights vs public order

Civil Rights mean that people have the right to be treated equally as their fellow citizens. Public order is the idea that everyone in the public behaves themselves. Or law enforcement around restoring order in the public. (Herbert, 2011) I think that Civil Right movements and Civil rights groups was the rise of civil rights itself. They made sure that people had people had equal rights to things. It protects us from discrimination on grounds such as physical or mental disability, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation.

The fall of Civil Rights is that there is still racism going on as of today. A young African American boy named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed because he looked like a threat. Also another black male was shot and killed because his music was too loud. My opinion is because these young men were black. I think the rise of Public order is that the police are way stricter than they use to be. The state laws change. The fall of public order is that most people don’t fear the consequences of breaking the law doing crimes.

There are few judges, prisons are over-crowded. Without public order people would never build confidence in the public security system and will seek security elsewhere from higher grounds. (crime, 2000) I mostly support public order being that every incident that happened they found a solution to it. Given a example after 9/11 they now have airport security. They put age limits on certain things like R-rated movies, cigarettes, liquor, and etc. Civil rights benefit my community by ensuring that everyone has the right to shop at the local malls.

People can eat at the same restaurant no matter what race, gender, or religion you are. Civil rights also gave us the right to apply for jobs without a discrimination problem. Public orders benefit my community by having police stations close to my neighborhood. Public transportation now has security. I feel that my community have more law enforcement than normal and it makes me feel safe. Overall I don’t think either idea civil rights nor does public order harm our community. I feel as though it helps our community to grow and keeps us safe at the same time.