Civil Engineering a Great Job

There are many jobs in America. Each of them also has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are also many reasons for people choosing a job. It can be their like or it can give them benefits that satisfy their life. Civil engineering is not exception. There are three benefits that people should choose civil engineering as their job: outdoor job, high income, and stable job. The first benefit of civil engineering is outdoor job. Firstly, it is good for health. Many people go daily to work by their car; they just sit in their place and work until they finish their tasks.

They return home, watch TV, and go to bed. It is so easy to realize that those things are quite bored and not good for their health. However, outdoor job as civil engineering is different. People can enjoy working in natural environment; they can move around to make their blood circulate with activities. Hence, their health will be better and better. Secondly, the experience shared by many outdoor workers is the amount of freedom to work solo although civil engineers can work together as a team. Thirdly, the civil engineers may go to another place far from the place they live to work.

For that reason, they may have the opportunities to travel; they may meet many interesting people from around the world and learn many things from different cultures. For example, one civil engineer who is working at California transportation shared experience about his job. He said his job made him to move around regularly; he can freely work without cramping. He said he traveled many place and met many different people when he was on duty. In short, working outdoor is the first benefit of civil engineering. In addition to working outdoor, high income is the second benefit of civil engineering.

The average salary for civil engineers is 29. 91 dollars per hour. Moreover, civil engineers also have other benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, and health insurance. Some companies also offer profit sharing or programs for retirement. Normally, civil engineers work 40 hours a week, but they may work extra hours to catch up project deadlines, especially those who work on construction projects. Consequently, their salary will be 1. 5 times higher than their basic salary. Beside, civil engineers’ salary depends on their knowledge, experience, and effort.

The salary will be higher if they have the certificate of professional engineer. To get that certificate, civil engineers must work really hard to get experience as much as possible for two or three years. To get promotion to higher level, this certificate is required by many employers. Further, they can go to school to study deeper about their field and get Master degree or even PhD degree. It is certainly hard, but it can help civil engineers having a better life with their high salary. For example, the civil engineer who is living in Los Angeles, he has worked this occupation for 15 years.

He is now a supervisor because he got certificate of professional engineer, Master degree, and even PhD degree. He worked very hard; he spent a lot of time to study in order to get promotion from his boss. He now has a really good life with the salary of 120. 000 dollars. In sum, high income is the second benefit of civil engineers. Beside high income, the last benefit of choosing civil engineering as main job is stable job. Firstly, it is always a necessary job in society. According to occupational handbook and the bureau of labor statistics, it can be easily realized that civil engineering is at top in employment.

It is about 278,400 jobs for civil engineering in 2008, and it will be 345,900 jobs in 2018, which occupies 24% in employment growth over the projections decade. Secondly, the constructional demand is always increasing, even in slow economy. Along with the growth of population, civil engineers are needed to improve the nation’s infrastructure. They are also needed to design and construct transportation, water supply systems, and buildings. Those things are the base of economic development. The more infrastructures develop, the more they contribute to national economy. Thirdly, architectural works always need to be repaired and renewed.

The civil engineers have to repair or replace existing infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and public structures. If those things are not maintained regularly, they will heavily influent to the economy. The transportation system will be blocked when the accidents happen by collapsing bridge. The buildings can be collapsed and kill lots of people if they are too old. Therefore, civil engineering can be considered as the most stable job nowadays. No matter what happens, society always needs civil engineers. For instance, John is a senior in civil engineering; he always needs to go outside, he makes reports of freeways’ state.

He said that he may discover the cracks on surface of them. It will be too dangerous if the earthquakes happen. Therefore, those cracks must be fixed in times. In sum of, stable job is the last and the most important benefit of civil engineering. In conclusion, there are many choices in occupation. People can become businessman, medical doctor or engineers. Choosing jobs depends on many reasons. One of them is benefits that job brings to people. There are three benefits that civil engineering can be chosen as main job: outdoor job, high income, and stable job.