Citizenry rights

Bohmer, C and Shuman, A (2007) notes that the implementation of the stringent measures through the law has lead to a sharp decline in the number of illegal immigrants over the years. (p 80) There has also been a decline in the number of people who had been seeking asylum on the pretence of being refugees. This is one of the privileges which have been abused where many people were coming in to seek protection and later turning out to obtain fake papers where indicated that they have been granted citizenry rights.

The law sought to solve this problem. It made it impossible for those who were on transit to other destination to pass through America. A loophole that had been used by illegal immigrant especially form Latin America who came to America on pretence of being on transit to other destination only to end up staying here for long to obtain fake documents.

Such group of people have been noted to have contributed a lot in terrorist incidence that engulfed this nation in 2001. The stringent measures which have been reinforced as a response to the terrorist attack have gone along way in ensuring security for the a Americans as well as legal immigrant whom I believe have contributed greatly towards the development of this nation making it one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

hats a fact that no one can deny, but also quickly note that if the immigration especially the one in question is not checked our country will not only be threatened on security issues but also economically where the issue of unemployment will emerge threatening the livelihoods of many as their jobs have been taken away by immigrants who do not mind poor pay. (Bohner, C and Shuman, 2007 83) Following September the Eleventh attacks the government has been more vigilant and active in its attempt to control illegal immigration.

(Cafferty, P 1983 185) Those who have been interviewed now unanimously agree that it has become very difficult to enter this country than ever before. A cross check in the major entry points has indicated that people have noted that it is even more difficult to enter with the fake documents therefore many are now reluctant to travel using such papers an indication that the stringent measures put in place to guarantee our security is bearing fruit.

There has been growing concern that the government is not doing enough to address the issue that is threatening to bring more problems to the America. The policies put in place have been faulted as not enough to address the influx of immigrants. It has been noted that people entering America especially those with fake documents continue to rise despite the measures put in place. Many still question how the September eleventh terror agents were able to enter this country despite the strict control measures that have been attributed to our entry points.

(Cafferty, P 1983 187) Uncontrolled immigration has posed a major problem for this nation as there are several issues which can be directly are attributed to the influx of immigrants in this country. Many Americans especially the natives feel that continued immigration is not good for this country as it will continue the erosion of the culture and also increase social problems especially unemployment which is currently at the highest point. Critics argue that if the measures put in place have been effective then the number of illegal immigrants would be low.

They are pushing the government to step up its fight against illegal immigration and at the same time be humane enough when dealing with issue relating to this type of a problem. Human rights activists have pointed out that the methods used to drive away those seeking to enter America through the back door have gone beyond the boards and are a violation of the human rights which are supposed to be enjoyed by any person whether an illegal immigrant or not. (Caffertty, P 1983 198)