Choose the correct tense and voice

Many years ago there lived an Emperor who liked new clothes so much that he got used to spending all his money on them.He didnt care about his soldiers,about going to the theatre,or about driving in the park or about smoking..All he really cared about was showing off his new clothes.He got accustomed to having a coat for every hour of the day. The great city where he lived was a very unplesant place.Many strangers visited it every day.

One day two dishonest men arrived.They had heard about the Emperors love for new clothes.They said that they were weavers and pretended that they were capable of weaving the most beautiful cloth.Not only were the coloursand patterns unusually fine ,they said,but the cloth was so delicate that nobody who was either unfit for his office or stupid could see it. After being informed about the weavers ability of making such kinf of clothes the Emperor couldnt help thinking about those clothes.They would indeed be valuable clothes ,thought the Eperor.”By wearing them I could find out which of my ministers are unfit for their positions and I could tell the wise from the stupid.Yes, some of that cloth must be woven for men at once.”So he gace the two men a lot of money in advance in order that they might begin their work” * 1)he spending-subjective consrtuction

* 2) about going- gerund-object* 3)about driving-gerund-object* 4) about smoking-gerund-object* 5)he having-gerund-subject* 6)of weaving-gerund- object* 7)after being informed-adverbial modifier of time-* 8)about the weavers ability of making such kinf of clothes –the object * 9)thinking-gerund- object* 10)by wearing-gerund-adverbial modifier of manner

4. Use the correct modal verb in the correct form.What are some important considerations when you look for a new job? According to experts, you (1… to think) about these things: First,you(2…to know) yourself! You (3…to ask) yourself exactly what you want from a job. You also (4…to think ) about your personal relationships. Consider which relationships are going well, which ones are not and most importantly. This text (5…to help) you understand how you relate to people you work with. Make changes! If you had problems in another job then you (6…to make) changes before you take a new job. If you have an interview, prepare! You (7…to find) out about an employer’s business before you interview. Study the company’s website. You (8…to call) the company.

You (9… to ask) a questions and to speak with someone about the job.Of course, many of these ideas are common sense,but a lot of people just don’t think about them.People (10… to take) attention.As a result, they are very unhappy in their jobs. * 1-Ought think, 2-must know, 3-may ask,4-have to think,5- may help, 6-should make, 7-should find, 8-could call,9- could ask, 10-must take.

5. Translate from Azerbaijani into EnglishHal-hazirda iki milyarddan çox insan mobil telefon işlədir.Mobil telefonlar xüsusilə gənclər arasında daha məşhurdur.Onlar deyirlər ki mobil telefona sahib olmaq müasirlik deməkdir.Bəzi həkimlər deyirlər ki gələcəkdə insanlar mobil telefondan istifadə etdiklərinə görə xəstəliklərdən əziyyət çəkə bilərlər.Mobil telefondan istifadənin onları xəstə etdiyini iddia edən insanlar da var.Cavan bir satıcı ciid yaddaş pozğunluğundan işini dayandirib.O hətta sadə şeyləri belə xatırlamır.O tez-tez öz uşağının adını da unudur.Hələki mobil telefonların insan sağlamlığına pis təsiri barədə sübut yoxdur.Tədqiqat gostərib ki mobil tellefonlardan istifadə beyinin fəaliyyətinə təsir göstərir. * The translation

More than two billion people use mobile phones today.Mobile phones are especially popular with young people.They say that having a mobile phone shows that they are modern.Some doctors are say that in the future people may suffer health problems from using mobile phones.There are people who claim that their mobile phones are making them sick.A young salesman had to stop working because of serious memory loss.He could not remember even simple things.He would often forget the name of his own child.There still is not any proof that mobile phones are bad for your health.Research has shown that using mobile phones affects brain activity.