Chinese people Research Paper

Since 1980 the world has gone through a tremendous period of economic growth on an international scale. Many countries have increased their industrial capacity, even though there has been a recent economic crisis throughout much of the planet. China, for instance, has had the biggest increase in economic development of all countries in the world since 1980. One might naturally conclude that this would mean a corresponding increase in the quality of life for its citizens. Even though China has had the biggest increase in industrial development since 1980, this development seems to not have improved the Chinese people’s quality of life.

On the one hand, industrial development has improved the lives of Chinese citizens because of better paying jobs. China is having the annual increase in GDP that affects industrial development. Since 1980, China’s GDP grew annually until 2007 with an average rate of 9. 8%. In GDP per capita, it was 381 Yuan in 1980 but it increased by more than 13 times which were 15,973 Yuan in 2007. This dramatic growth emphasizes that China’s quality of life has been massively improved for their average population. In fact, China’s active economics action has leaded them to improve their GDP and improved quality of life.

(Fu) The new businesses and jobs have brought more money to the Chinese government. Consequently, the government was able to begin new public service projects, which benefits all people in the society. Through this, they build new roads or bridges, better public transportation, or more public places or facilities, which improves people’s quality of life. (“Majorities in China feel living standard improving”) The government has properly managed China’s rapid urbanization so that the people have not been subjected to crowded living conditions.

Since 1980, as their economics growth started to speeds up, urbanization also did. In 1980, urbanization was 191 million and it increased to 594 millions by 2007, which emphasizes their great migrants and how China’s economics developments has brought them rapid amount urbanization. Therefore, as there are billion of people in China, urbanization in China is expected to play an important role. (“Urbanization in China on an unprecedented scale”) However, people are having a hard time finding jobs, working harder than ever, and risking their good health in order to keep up with the cost of living.

As years goes, China has more people entering the job market than there are jobs available. Nonetheless, the end result is that even with it’s current economic growth rate, only 8 million new jobs are created while 12 million new workers enter the labor force. Therefore, unemployment is currently a big problem in China because China’s large population has made people without job to be in the labor force. (“The World Factbook”) It seems Chinese people are fatigued of their life because everyone have to work hard to obtain house and belongings that people need for living.

Chinese people generally have a lower quality of life than any other countries because most of other countries do not have any big difficulties, such as food, danger of being robbed, a good welfare and unemployment system. Thus, while people in poorer countries than China don’t have any big concerns, they might live happier life than the Chinese. Therefore, even their economics developed, people are exhausted of their life and it does not improved people’s quality of life. (Wang) People who work coals mining have possibility of death or serious injuries because coalmines can cause natural disasters like gas.

Even though the death rate of producing coal is decreasing every year, they still have 10 times higher death rate then the United States. However, even people have jobs, if these jobs are too dangerous and it is a job that risks people’s life, it is definitely not improving people’s quality of life. (Chen and Zhi) As a result of China’s huge increase in industrial development the people are suffering from many types of pollution, which have had the end result of not improving Chinese citizens’ quality of life. One of the main reasons that cause people to major illnesses is because of people who work in factories.

This factories works contain breath vehicle exhausts, and have possibility of second hand cigarette smoke. Therefore, pollution did not made people to appreciate their quality of life; it just made worsen people’s health. Not only people who work at factories get disease, it can easily influence others. (Watts) The Yangtze, one of the longest rivers in the world, is extremely polluted and the damage of the river is irreversible.

Nowadays, only 35 percent of water is fresh and other 30 percent of water is enormously polluted. This pollution has caused mainly because the annual harvest have made 100,000- 400,000 tons of aquatic products to be dumped into river every years. Even their industrial developed, such as the Three Gorges Dam, they cannot avoid polluting rivers and it just made pollution bigger. (“Pollution takes heavy toll on the Yangtze”)

Industrial development is extremely harmful to the environment because water and air are seriously polluted in cities and a clear sky cannot be easily seen. Water, for instance, people in Europe or America do not have to worry about drinking water from the tap. However, Chinese people do have to worry about bacteria in the water and they have to boil tap water in order to drink.

Even though, the industrial has been a lot developed, they cannot avoid them from having polluted environment. Therefore, pollution did not improved people’s quality of life. (Wang) Ultimately, China is a huge country that has made the biggest progress in industrial growth over the past 30 plus years. In fact, China has become one of the world’s leading economic powers at present. Many people would naturally conclude that this would mean that the average Chinese citizen would be enjoying a better quality of life than in the previous three decades.

But, jobs and money are not the only factors in determining the quality of life attributed to any particular society. Other factors that must be included are cost of living, health issues, unemployment, pollution, and quality of the environment. Most of these other determining factors have had negative effects on the Chinese people. Therefore, the end result of China’s huge growth in industrial development has been an overall reduction in the quality of life for the majority of citizens in China.