Causes for Public Trust or Distrust of the Federal Government

Do we elect officials to do what is right for ourselves, or to do whatever is better for the country as a whole? On the other hand, do they act in the most popular manner in order to secure their own re-election hopes? The two-party system is in continuous lockout. One party wants reform but another will try to block it just to show the public how incompetent they are without showing the truth. This paper will outline cases why the American Public should trust or distrust the Federal Government. The American public is tired of being mislead by dishonest one sided, self-aggrandizing special interest groups and the wealthy elite.

The parties cater to special interest, whose interests are not the same as the general population of the voters. We can finger-point, but the blame falls on those that have been in charge for the last 4 years. Large organizations always run the risk of having corrupt personnel or fall prey to corruption due to funding by special interest groups. Although most Americans think this administration has socialist tendencies, the president’s policies and actions are similar to those of past presidents. Moreover, the two party systems help keep the democrats and republicans honest, by giving the voters a chance.

The public in 2008 clearly chose a progressive social agenda. To give credit to president he has passed an economic recovery bill that is slowly progressing. Most would like a quicker recovery but, with anything, it takes time to implement. The legislative branch has passed the AMD Stabilization and Support bill that is tailored to help stabilize and strengthen the United States Military. Other policies, proposals, bills, and acts to be passed or that has been passed that are designed to help with the recovery include; Health Care reform, Education, the Mortgage crisis, the war on Al-Qaeda, and Domestic policy.

Special interest groups like NAACP and ACLU have influenced the government to pass laws forbidding schools from saying The Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Some claim that both “The Pledge” and school prayer is racist or offensive, and that it hurts the feelings of people of other ethnicities or the illegal immigrants. It has not been banned from schools; however, there are students that refuse to stand for the pledge. Some disrespect the flag with obscene hand gestures, or by not saying the correct words making a mockery of it.

It is inconsistent to show concern for the feelings of those who choose to object to the pledge while showing none for those who choose patriotism. The Pledge to the flag signifies what our fore fathers endured building our country, and the courage of our military men and women both past and present. It signifies the unification of this great nation. The United States in known throughout the world as the land of hopes, dreams, and equality. Individuals come from afar to get away from a draconian rule, to experience and live the American Dream.

America is known for the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion for it citizens. No one has a constitutional right to force his or hers beliefs on others. Americans do not accept oppression by their own government so; the idea to forcing people to behave respectfully toward the flag or the pledge might seem tyrannical. We cannot expect non-U. S. citizens to Pledge Allegiance or say a prayer that goes against their cultural or religious practices.

The government has a poor record of accomplishment for programs designed to help the needy; Medicare, Medicaid and Cash for clunkers are just a few that have ran out of money. The Welfare Program is another program that is abused, although it has not run out money has created a burden on the American economy. The government is the blame for this by encouraging over use of the system. Instead of funding the entire livelihood of family households, the federal government could better manage this program by subsidizing the monthly incomes, versus taxpayers footing the entire expense.

The federal budget is over spent and as a result the legislators are looking for ways to make cuts and that usually comes if the form of having states reducing state workers such as schoolteachers and state road crews. The welfare program could be a more efficient program implementing a workfare program thus increasing the workforce and discouraging abuse by generations of families of a much-needed program that should be used to assist the elderly and mentally challenged. It is no one’s constitutional right to receive charity; society does not owe healthily citizens a dime.

It is however, the individual’s constitutional right to prosper and that is not by collecting a free hand out. To achieve success you have to go after it, it is not handed to you. “Ability is what you are capable of doing; Motivation determines what you do; Attitude determines how well you do it”. Lou Holtz The need for Welfare is an obvious one, the government, by design is slow and inefficient. It cannot move quickly to solve immediate problems like the large amount of illegal immigrants that transient the U. S. borders daily.

It is impossible for the American blue-collar worker to be competitive in the job market when corrupt businesses and corporations have “sold their souls to the devil” to make exuberant profits by paying less then minimum wages, pay no health care or workmen’s compensation to illegal immigrants. Without welfare, food stamps, and other public assistance the average citizen could and would not be able to survive on the current wages being offered by employers. The Green Energy Policy is one of the president main initiatives that will allow the U.S. to better sustain for generations.

This policy will create and give the U. S workforce back millions of jobs that were lost due the recession. Not only does Green energy have a much less impact on the environment by promoting a cleaner safer energy sources, it will also help to break the umbilical dependency on foreign fossil fuels and reduce the inherent strategic and economic risks. The green energy imitative is portrayed to be the solution to break the dependency of foreign fossil fuels and to create jobs.

Actually, the direct opposite will happen as we have seen with Spain’s economy. Green energy will become a bottomless money pit that will cost millions if not billions for a return that is substantially less. Moreover, the problem with “renewable energy” is that it is less efficient. The return on most “renewable” energy surpasses that of the life expectancy of the equipment versus the cost to build the equipment to produce the “green energy”. Instead of creating jobs and bolstering the economy it will cut jobs, for every green job created our work force will lose 2.

2 non-green jobs. Inhibiting the right to Gun ownership would make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to firearms. All firearms sales would be tracked and monitored, thus giving the ATFE a broader over site of whom and where guns are located within a community. By doing this, the average Citizen would have a greater sense of security knowing that deranged individuals were not wielding a gun.

By implementing stricter laws and regulations such as age restrictions within households, mandatory gun safety/handler training, ensuring all guns have a serviceable locking systems built in, along with serial stamped ammunition would greatly increase the ability of law enforcement to locate and convict the perpetrator. For many years, it has been a widely held belief by the enemies of our country, that to invade the American Mainland would prove to be folly, as our citizenry is just too well armed and educated in the use of Firearms and would willingly do so in order to repel a foreign invader.

One of the most basic human rights has always been the right to protect one’s self and family. Our fore fathers certainly believed in this basic premise when they authored the Second Amendment to the Constitution, even though in those days when the society was much more decentralized than it is by today’s standards and the need for self-protection was much direr and help was many hours away or in some case’s days away. It is not much different in the modern era when in many instances, the Police are minutes away and your life or family’s life may hinge on a matter of seconds.

The right to gun ownership deters the intentions of many criminals, as many would have to think twice before approaching someone in the commission of a street crime. Criminal are very predatorily and will choose to harm those who they perceive to be weak and unprotected. The various media outlets are quick to point out incompetence or corruption by the government. The Constitution itself, plus the Bill of Rights, serves to chain and bind the government to prevent abuse.

Nonetheless, the government is made up of elected officials that American voters put into office, as with any leader, be it the president, the military or a private organization leaders at all levels are expected to make timely and sound decisions for the aforementioned. Not all decisions will be popular and the public’s perceptions of such decisions are easily swayed by not fully understanding a leadership decision because of lack of education or ignorance regarding a particular decision.