United States v. Goodwin

PETITIONER: United States
LOCATION: Vehicle of Ross

DOCKET NO.: 80-2195
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1981-1986)
LOWER COURT: United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

CITATION: 457 US 368 (1982)
ARGUED: Apr 21, 1982
DECIDED: Jun 18, 1982

Mr. Andrew L. Frey - on behalf of the Petitioner
Paul W. Spence - on behalf of the Respondent

Facts of the case


Media for United States v. Goodwin

Audio Transcription for Oral Argument - April 21, 1982 in United States v. Goodwin

Warren E. Burger:

We will hear arguments next in United States against Goodwin.

Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

Thank you.

Mr. Chief Justice and may it please the Court:

I'm sure I can't improve on the arguments that were given in Finley against Murray, so I will stick to the Goodwin case.

This is a case that is here on writ of certiorari to the United States--

Move the microphone closer to you.

I can't hear.

Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

--Oh, yes.

Are the microphones there?

Those little tiny microphones, you can pull them just closer to you.

Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

I was asked by the Marshall not to move the microphones.

Well, if we can't hear you, though, we'll have to have the reality take over.

Try moving them about two inches nearer to you, gently.

Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

All right.

Be careful.

Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

Thank you.

Is that any better?


Mr. Andrew L. Frey:

This case began in February 1976, when a Park Police officer stopped Respondent for speeding on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

The officer spotted a suspicious package under the armrest in Respondent's car and asked him to lift up the armrest.

Instead, Respondent got into his car, placed it suddenly in gear, and roared off, knocking the officer onto the rear of Respondent's car and then onto the highway.

The officer recovered, got into his vehicle, and gave chase at high speeds, but was unable to apprehend Respondent.

The officer thereupon filed a complaint in federal magistrate's court in Hyattsville, charging a number of petty and misdemeanor offenses, including a misdemeanor assault charge under Section 113(d) of Title 18 of the United States Code.

A warrant was issued for Respondent's arrest and he was apprehended several weeks later.

He appeared at a preliminary hearing at which he was bound over for trial before the magistrate and released on bond.

He failed to appear for the trial and he was not found until three years later, when the magistrate was advised that he was in jail in Virginia.

Arrangements were made to transport Respondent to Hyattsville, where the magistrate's court is located, and he appeared there on May 24th, 1979.

On that day cases in the magistrate's court were being handled by an attorney from the Antitrust Division who was serving on a two-week detail in the magistrate's court.

She conferred briefly with the Park Police officer--

Are there lots of antitrust cases out there?