Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC

PETITIONER:Red Lion Broadcasting Co.
RESPONDENT:Federal Communications Commission
LOCATION:Red Lion Broadcasting

DECIDED BY: Warren Court (1969)

CITATION: 395 US 367 (1969)
ARGUED: Apr 02, 1969 / Apr 03, 1969
DECIDED: Jun 09, 1969

Archibald Cox – for the respondents in US v. Radio TV News Directors Assn.
Erwin N. Griswold – for the respondent
Roger Robb – for the petitioners

Facts of the case

The appellant, the Red Lion Broadcasting Co. brought suit before the court regarding breach of its rights by the Federal Communication Commission. The reason was that before the start of proceedings the defendant imposed on the plaintiff the accusation of infringement of a broadcaster`s “fairness doctrine”. It established a rule that in case of presenting public problems, each side should be reflected fairly for viewers. It was caused that in one of the programs of the plaintiff personal attack on the journalist, Fred J. Cook happened.