Champion v. Ames Case Brief

Facts of the case

The defendants in the case were arrested and convicted under an Act of Congress of 1895 that made it illegal to send or conspire to send lottery tickets across state lines.

Why is the case important?

Appellant is an express carrier challenging the constitutionality of an act of Congress prohibiting the carriage of lottery tickets across state lines.


May Congress regulate shipment of lottery tickets from one state to another?


Yes. Appeals court judgment affirmed. Congress is not prohibiting the sale of lottery tickets, only their shipment across state lines.


  • Advocates: –
  • Petitioner: Charles F. Champion
  • Respondent: John C. Ames, United States Marshal
  • DECIDED BY:Case pending
  • Location: –
Citation: 188 US 321 (1903)
Argued: Mar 1, 1901 Feb 28, 1901 Oct 16, 1901 Oct 17, 1901 Dec 15, 1902 Dec 16, 1902
Decided: Feb 23, 1903
Champion v. Ames Case Brief