Tennard v. Dretke

Robert Tennard was convicted of murder. During the sentencing phase, he presented evidence that he had an IQ of 67... Continued

Illinois v. Fisher

Gregory Fisher was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine in 1988. He filed a motion for discovery, asking... Continued

Barnhart v. Thomas

After a heart attack left her unable to continue working as a housekeeper in the late 1980s, Pauline Thomas took a job... Continued

Banks v. Dretke

Delma Banks, Jr. was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in Texas state court in 1980. Sixteen years later... Continued

Illinois v. Lidster

Police stopped Robert Lidster at a checkpoint set up to find information about a recent hit-and-run accident. Lidster... Continued

Arizona v. Gant

Arizona police went to the home of Rodney Gant in search of drugs and to arrest him for failing to appear in court... Continued

Kansas v. Colorado

Kansas and Colorado disputed ownership of the Arkansas River. In 1949 Congress approved the Arkansas River Compact... Continued

Wilkinson v. Dotson

Ohio state prisoners Rogerico Johnson and William Dwight Dotson separately alleged their parole proceedings violated... Continued

Miller-El v. Dretke

Miller-El alleged the prosecution in his capital murder trial violated the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause by... Continued

Clark v. Martinez

The federal government deemed Daniel Benitez and Sergio Martinez inadmissible immigrants and detained them until they... Continued

Kowalski v. Tesmer

A 1994 amendment to the Michigan constitution said criminal defendants who pled guilty had no right to appeal and... Continued

Rompilla v. Beard

A Pennsylvania court convicted Ronald Rompilla of murder. During the sentencing phase, the prosecution presented to... Continued

Brown v. Payton

A California court sentenced William Payton to death for murder and attempted murder. Payton appealed and alleged the... Continued

Florida v. Nixon

A Florida court convicted Joe Elton Nixon of murder and sentenced him to death. During the trial Nixon's lawyer told... Continued

Devenpeck v. Alford

Tony Alford was driving when Washington state police, concerned Alford was impersonating a police officer, pulled him... Continued