Arnold Tours, Inc. v. Camp

Facts of the Case

The South Shore National Bank (South Shore), a national banking association chartered by the United States Government, has been engaged in the travel agency business, operating it as a department of the bank since November 1966. Plaintiffs, Arnold Tours, Inc., and 41 other independent travel agents of Massachusetts engaged in the travel agency business, filed a class action seeking for declaratory relief and injunctive relief to force South Shore out of the travel business. The district court granted summary judgment for plaintiffs, holding that it is illegal for a national bank to operate a full-scale travel agency. In addition, the district court permanently enjoined South Shore from engaging in the travel agency business and ordered the bank to divest itself of its travel department within six months. The bank challenged the district court’s decision.


“Does the term “inability,” in the Social Security Act, include a 12 month requirement, such that the inability must last, or must be expected to last, for at least 12 months? Is the term “expected to last” applicable only when the “inability” has not yet lasted 12 months?”



Case Information

Citation: 400 US 45 (1970)
Decided: Nov 23, 1970
Case Brief: 1970