Business Correspondence

Please read this module carefully for appropriate posting methods and due dates. Part 1: Writing an IntroductionThe first thing I’d like for us to do is become better acquainted with each other. Students in writing classes often have varied backgrounds — personally, educationally, and professionally.

No student is necessarily better suited for succeeding in this course than another, and everyone in this has something to offer to our shared experience. The best way for us to start learning about the pool of strengths that we’ll draw upon is to find out just who we have in our midst. What to Do

To complete this portion of the module, do the following:1. Read:- Chapter 1 (p. 3-15)- Chapter 10, “Memos” and “Letters” (p. 189-202)2. Chapter 1 provides an overview of technical communication in the workplace and some of its main characteristics. Read through these pages while reflecting on your experiences with “workplace” communication. You don’t have to have a 9-to-5 job to experience workplace communication.

Any business relationship (such as your relationship with me and your fellow classmates) requires you to interpret and create communications that people will use. 3. After reading the text, go to the discussion board and find the discussion for your assigned group. In your group’s discussion, post an introduction for your classmates and me to read. When writing your introduction, include the following: 3. Your name and major/area of research.

4. Your technological strengths and weaknesses.5. Your impression/experience with technical/professional communication. 6. One or two ideas applying your knowledge, experience, and interests to this course or technical communication in general. 7. A summarizing or synthesizing point.

Pay close attention to conventions for writing business letters in Chapter 10. In addition to the content listed above, your introduction letter should meet these formatting conventions: 8. One single-spaced page.

9. A formal heading and salutation. Address it to:Group # Members [insert the number of your group]ENC3211University of Central FloridaOrlando, FL 32816Use Dear Group Members: as your salutationNote: Post your introduction as a Word attachment (don’t just copy and paste your text into the discussion window). When to Have it DoneComplete the readings and your letter of introduction by 11 p.m., January 12. Part 2: Writing an Analysis MemoAfter reading the text and posting your introduction letter to your discussion group, write a memo to me. What to DoTo complete this portion of the module, do the following:1. Read your groupmates’ letters.2. Write a memo to me that summarizes the information in your groupmates’ letters. When writing your memo, include the following: What are the dominant technological capabilities possessed by the people in your group?

What areas of weakness do you note? What specialized knowledge domains–major, work, technology, hobbies–do people mention? Are you typical or atypical in comparison with your group mates, in terms of your technological capabilities and knowledge domain? Based on what you’ve learned so far about your groupmates, how do you think their experiences will shape the way they expect to see information?

If you were to work with this group throughout the semester, what are two strategies you would use to make your communications accessible and useful to your members? (List 2 strategies for each member.) Write and format your memo according to the guidelines that the text describes in chapter 10. Remember that I am your audience for this memo, so use tone and mechanics that are appropriate to a reader in my position. When to Have it Done

Post your memo in the WebCT drop box labeled Module 1: Memo by 11 p.m., January 14. Due Dates, Deliverables, Points, and CriteriaThe following table summarizes the deliverables for this module as well as the grading criteria. |Due Date |Deliverable |Points |Criteria | |Friday, |Letter to your groupmates (posted to your group |25 |Follows business letter format as stipulated in the text (10 | |January 12 |forum as a Word attachment). | |pts). | | | | |

Includes all content stipulated in the assignment (10 pts). | | | | |Uses professional grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, and tone (5| | | | |pts). | |Sunday, |Memo to Lynn Koller (posted in drop box labeled |25 |Follows memo format as stipulated in the text (10 pts). | |January 14 |Module 1: Memo). | |Includes all content stipulated in the assignment (10 pts). | | | | |Uses professional grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, and tone (5| | | | |pts). |