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To study marketing strategies and assess the financial strength of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in UK Objectives 1.To study and analyse the luxury car market of UK 2.To study the marketing strategies adopted by Mercedes and BMW 3.To analyse the financial statements and ascertain the financial strengths of the giants

SCOPE OF THIS PROJECT This assignment will attempt to study in depth the competition between Mercedes and BMW with regards to their marketing strategies adopted in United Kingdom (UK). It will also make an attempt to study the financial statements in depth (UK).Because this both companies launch new cars in their car segment and threat each other with their new luxury cars. Also we will discuss about which company has done well business wise since last few years and what are their future plans to stay ahead in the market.

At the end of this project we will come to know which company is better businesswise and marketing strategy of these two individual companies which aim to deliver a similar yet unique product. But in beginning we will discuss about both companies background and also about their automobile products.

INTRODUCTION and BACK GROUND Over the years with the improvement of technology BMW and Mercedes-Benz have met customer needs by producing the most inspiring and well developed cars of their times. BMW group concentrate on premium segments in the automobile market. It means they are specialise in high quality product and in return they earn higher revenue per vehicle sold.

At other side Mercedes-Benz which also provide premium segment have concreted their name in history as manufacturers of luxury cars, have opened their doors to a range of more dynamic models targeting the slightly younger market. I have choose BMW vs Mercedes-Benz(UK) for my project report because of my keen interest and depth knowledge in automobile industry.

BMW at Beginning BMW was founded in 1916 at Germany and it is known as Bavarian motor works.BMW has headquarters in Munich. The BMW has been publically traded since 1969.In 1990s BMW took over Rolls Royce and at the split of Rover PLC BMW bought the rights of MINI year 2000 and re-launched it with new and dynamic look. The 1992 was memorable year for the BMW because first time it outsold Mercedes in Europe.

BMW Today Today BMW is one of the largest and successful organizations in auto mobile industry.BMW is famous for making premium luxury cars with very high quality and dynamic looks. BMW is in manfacturing of engines, automobiles and motorcycles.

The BMW has their own production houses in major countries like Germany, Austria, UK, South africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Thiland, Philippines and Vietnam.According to the latest news BMW has started their new production house in India to capture indian auto mobile market.BMW is based on three pillars Quality, efficiency and innovation which makes them expertise in vehical maintanance and services.

BMW Mission and Vision Mission Statement "To become most successful premium manufacturer in the car indusrty" Vision Statement

“Uniqueness through diversity, Leadership, taking Risk, courteous”

MERCEDES-BENZ at Beginning Mercedes has been the name of the world's most innovative car brand for more than 100 years now. When Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) delivered its first Mercedes on 22 December 1900, it began an era of dynamic development of the automobile.

The invention of a high-speed engine and an automobile, were considered by both Gottlieb Diamler and Karl Benz, both independently of one another worked to lay yhe foundations of motorisation of road transport, what we know today as ‘cars’. The name ‘Mercedes’ came from Jellinek, it was first used as the team racing name and later was patented in 1909. and the logo of the three pointed star was to symbolise Diamler’s ambitions of universal motorisation ‘on land, on water and in the air’.

MERCEDES-BENZ Today Today Mercedes-Benz is the most successful premium brand. Its technical perfection, quality standards, innovative impact and numerous car legends such as the 300 SL Gullwing are unique. The Mercedes star became the most famous symbol of a car brand and is one the world's best known trademarks today. Today in UK Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading and famous automobile company. In UK Mercedes-Benz sold various automobile products like Vans, Trucks, Cars, Buses and Coaches.

Mission Statement “We invented the automobile-now we are passionatly shaping the future. As of pioneer of automotive engineering, We feel inspired and obliged to continue this proud tradition with groundbreaking technologies and high-quality products.”

Vision Statement “Our goal is to successfully meet the demand of future mobility”