Awesome. Ferdinand Porsche

On 28th May 1937, Volkswagen was founded as the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH ("Society for the preparation of the German People's Car", abbreviated to Gezuvor) by the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front). This company was built for a purpose and it was to manufacture the Volkswagen car, originally referred to as the Porsche Type 60, then the Volkswagen Type 1, and commonly called the Volkswagen Beetle. Ferdinand Porsche's consulting firm designed this vehicle.The company was back by the support of Adolf Hitler.

From 1970-1992: V.A.G was used by Volkswagen AG as a brand for group-wide activities.For example, distribution and leasing.Contrary to popular belief, "V.A.G" had no official meaning, and was never the name of the Volkswagen Group. On 30th May 2000, after having gradually raised its equity share, Volkswagen AG turned Škoda Auto into a wholly owned subsidiary.

From 2002- 2007, the Volkswagen Group's automotive division was restructured so that two major Brand Groups. First of all it’s the Audi Brand Group that focused on more sporty values – consisted of Audi, SEAT and Lamborghini. Next, was the Volkswagen Brand Group that focused on the field of classic values – consisted of Volkswagen, Skoda,Bentley,Bugatti.

The Volkswagen Group Code of Conduct Lawful action is the basis for sustained economic success. The Volkswagen Group Code of Conduct contains essential basic principles, provides orientation and thereby fosters correct behavior on the part of all employees in their daily work.