Automotive industry

Population, age, Internet, income, gender take part in all categories that can affect GM. GM does target all buyers in all different age groups. In 2009, during the recession, GM filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help alleviate their overwhelming debt. GM was GM 3 looking for buys to purchase its German Opel and UK divisions which could impact of 50,000 jobs. The Global Forces: General Motors is very global. This company has been global for decades. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin American. GM partnered with Japanese companies to make specialized engines and transmissions.

They invested forcefully to compete with other manufactures. Technological Forces: General Motors claim to be the pacesetter in the automotive industry. They have the largest share of the world’s vehicle market at 15. 1%. GM offers numerous services including GMAC. They strive for innovative ways to improve technological gadgets that are offered in vehicles such as OnStar and Satellite radio. Social Forces: General Motor employs thousands of people worldwide. With the technology used today, social forces such as social media, and websites drive retailer and consumer product success.

Some social forces could include family traditions, values, social trends, culture and even society’s expectations of the manufactured. GM 4 Political and Legal Forces: As all companies do, General Motors has its own legal department. This article did not speak of any legal issues other than Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am sure that GM has had several legal issues including going to court and settling out of court. Recently, President Obama helped the automotive industry and bailed them out of debt during the last few years.

Since Obama has done that, the automotive industry has increased in sales and growth. Business Strategy: The General Motors business strategy is to position itself in emerging markets so that the company will grow simultaneously with the economy. The company focuses on growth and profitability. Also, they strive for benefits of managing the business globally. Analyze structure and control system: GM did not really specify on structure and control system. They mainly focused on growth and new ways to improve the assembly line to make it faster and cheaper. Recommendations:

I was not partial to General Motors. I was a young adult who grow up with my family only owning GM makes and models. Now that I have experienced some of their GM 5 cars and customer service, I will never own another GM vehicle. I will not recommend GM to any family or friends. Even though they do a great job targeting all age groups, this company will never see my hard working money. I think their vehicle is just that, cheaply made and inefficient? I am sure others would recommend GM because it’s to ones preference. After reading this article, I am still not okay with General Motor’s brand.