General Motors Automotive industry Research Paper

I think that the basic strategy the General Motors used was the defender strategy. I believe that because they are trying to cut back and revamp their brand they took the bailout with the hope to start new and defend their brand. By doing such they admitted they clearly had a lot of work to do and even stated that they “We’re sticking with the basics. ” They even defended where they went wrong and how they was going move forward.

Once the global sales figures were released it proved that General Motors defender method worked as they regained the title back from Toyota of world’s largest auto maker. I believe that General Motors vision is to regain its title or world’s largest auto maker which it already has done, to cut platforms like other automakers and to make more than 10 billion dollars all while regaining the trust and respect of its consumers. I do believe that their mission is realistic however I do not believe it to be a short term goal.

I believe it will take General Motors time to repair the damage that has been done to its brand but I do believe they are one the right track for the fact that they have already almost double its profits from the previous year and for the fact that they regained their title the once had. Both are signs of a strong recovery but still need work to be where they need to be. By cutting back on platforms General Motors will be able to make vehicles all over the world they have the resources to do such.

General Motors needs to be able to make products that the consumer wants in each part of the world because the demand is different in each location. The first SMART goal that stands out to me is the R goal. Results oriented is something I feel General Motors is striving to prove to its customer and to its self. The R shows support of the vision the General Motors has. General Motors has made cut backs and rethought what was wrong and where to fix and made they appropriate changes and as a results they are planned to double the profits and regain its titles while focusing on the best in class they are up against.

Another SMART goal I see is the letter S. General Motors has Specific goals they have set for themselves and they have the blueprints on how to achieve those goals. General Motors is very specific on where its mistakes where and how they plan to change. General Motors plan to cut platforms to help them achieve there long term goal. They know that cutting platforms will be costly and will hurt their profits for a few years but I believe they see them looking at this as something that needs to move forward and keep up with stiff competition.

I think General Motors has made a new plan to accomplish the goals that it has set for its self. I believe that they are carrying out all the plans of which they have made some are accomplished and others they are still working on. I think that cutting platforms and trying be the best in class are examples of that. General Motors are continuously in comparing the current results they are getting with the plan they have made. The profit earnings for 2012 they predict is an example of the comparing from one year to the other.

General Motors is correcting methods that didn’t work and one of which is cutting the global work force and letting go of models that where not sailing at high levels. General Motors are improving a healthier margin is becoming the company’s many focus. After reading the case I have learned how having a strategic plan is necessary and how you must compare where you are at with where you want to be in order to attain the goal that you want in the timely manner that you want to achieve it in. How sometimes cutting your loses and asking for help starting new can be good to get you to where you planned to once be.