Authority Investigating Corruption

Considering the fact that both drug dealers are operating within the same perimeter and can therefore be expected to be targeting the same market, it is essential to note that this gives the drug dealer who is attaining continuous profits a motive to cause a loss to the drug dealer posing as competition. For the sake of convenience, one may suppose the drug dealer incurring profits as drug dealer A and the drug dealer running into trouble with the law as drug dealer B.

The fact that drug dealer B seems to be running into trouble with the law can be investigated by an investigation of not only drug dealer B but also of drug dealer A. For one, there can be two possibilities that may exist in this regard. Firstly, there is a possibility that a scenario may exist in which both drug dealers are executing one or the other violation of the law, and drug dealer A is somehow managing to acquire sensitive information about drug dealer B and supply it to the authorities.

The fact that drug dealer A’s business appears to be booming at the very same instant when drug dealer B’s business is running into continuous obstacle can also be considered to be an element that can be an integral part of the scenario. A way to carry out the investigation would be to firstly determine the sources from where the authorities are acquiring information about drug dealer B’s clashes with the law. There is a fair chance that the sources may have been backed by drug dealer A and may have been acquired through channels that lead to drug dealer A.

Secondly, one should not ignore the fact that the fact that drug dealer B is running into clashes with the law is not an element that is being discouraged but is welcomed. The element that draws one’s attention is why drug dealer A is not falling within the reach of the law. In this regard, it is essential to analyze the inflows and outflows of the accounts of any and all law enforcement department personnel in order to assert any irregular cash flows that may in reality be bribes given by drug dealer A.

Once such an element has been caught, the suspect will have to be interrogated to establish the recent outflows of cash from drug dealer A’s accounts. At this time, it would help to freeze drug dealer A’s accounts and classify drug dealer A as an official suspect in order to assist with the analysis of drug dealer A’s books. Any irregularities found in drug dealer A’s books can then be attributed to being reasons for considering drug dealer A as a suspect because of the presence of the motive and the potential means to sabotage drug dealer B’s operations.