Australian Immigration: Under Attack

The Australian immigration policy has been said to be strictly adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in upholding human rights (International Commission of Jurists, 2005). But in stark contrast, the detention policy of the country regarding asylum seekers is infringing in these rights (Jurists, 2005). The charges being leveled was instigated by the ICJ, Human Rights Council of Australia and Children out of Detention, is bent on challenging these policies (Jurists, 2005).

Under the laws in that country, all foreigners without a valid visa must be jailed (Jurists, 2005). They are held without any consideration of time, most often without adequate legal and health care benefits (Jurists, 2005). In this regard, British who find themselves in these circumstances are aided by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (British Consulate-Brisbane). The office is represented in the country by the British High Commission, located in Canberra (Brisbane).

But if the person holds dual citizenship status in Australia or any other country, the British consulate basically leaves you on your own (Brisbane). If they are British citizens, the consulate will offer legal advice and advise you on your rights as it pertains to Australian law (Brisbane). References British Consulate-Brisbane. (n. d. ). Information for British nationals detained in Northern Territory. Retrieved February 27, 2009, from http://ukinaustralia. fco. gov.

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