Apple Project – Paper

The main purpose of this project is to perform a strategic and financial analysis. During the project we will also be able to exercise the financial and IT knowledge we acquired during the 4th semester.

The financial analysis reveals that Apple has been undergoing an impressing growth in the net sales for the past few years. Furthermore the financial analysis showed that a big part of the net sales is generated by complementary products which can be connected to the sales of Macs, iPhones and iPods.

The strategic analysis revealed that there is reason to expect continued redevelopment of products. An analysis of Apples core capabilities,competitors and the development in consumer behavior and disposable income further reveals that Apple will experience growth in net sales as the result of being one of the most innovative and differentiated companies in the world. Meanwhile the competition is expected to intensify in the coming years which will result in reduced gross margins. However, as a result of Apples differentiated products it is believed that Apple will be able to maintain a higher margin than its competitors.

As of May 2010, Apple became the world’s most valuable technology company.This was due to its product development and its brand will be able to continue to increase its net sales through the existing Ansoff strategy. So far Apple has mastered the idea of penetrating new markets with a new product starting with iPod, iPhone and lately the iPad.

The project case that reveals one of Apples latest merger and acquisition exposes the fact that apple is not merging and acquiring large companies but rather smaller companies to gain control of productivity and hereby becoming more efficient when it comes to productions.