Apple Fever in Singapore

Singapore which is situated in SEA(South East Asia) has posses a high consumer of electronic devices. Apple is company that products Mac devices, products include IPOD, ITouch, Mac Book, Peripherals and IPad. The company is concentrate on selling products physical products. Apple also has international the business and globalize the market share of the company. Apple also has product that consisit of iTunes and App Store. App Store which provide application download for users. Situation

In Singapore there are at least 60% of the consumers which use electronic devices own a least 1 apple products. In Figures sales base on auction website data of eBay “By Kenny Chee, May 21,2010”. Singapore is the country that is fifth largest buyer of ipad. Singapore developed as world IT savvy where school engaged in e-learning educations and electronics devices to learn. In the recents year there are pre-secondary school which start to adopt IPad as their tools for learning in classes. Conclusion

Base on the product consumption and observation on Singapore, Iphone is being used by as young as 8years old primary schools children. Which result conclude base on group research out of 10person at least 6 person own a Apple products. Corporate in Singapore use started to adopt iPad as one of the tools for meetings. App Store and iTunes is the primary digital market which there are statistics shown in that Singapore download usage per day usage access more than 1million times. Singapore hold a population estimated about 5millions.