Anti-immigration efforts

Dr. Pimentel in a study revealed that “people seeking food aid are the homeless people who have jobs”. Half of the homeless people are Black Americans. Despite the presence of jobs, people are earning less and less while food consumption is the same. Drought or no drought, we need to conserve on water and improving the natural habitat since the ecological health of rivers according to Anthony Ricciardi poses a major problem with organic and chemical pollution penetrating. The current environmental issue is a cause for concern as it has depleted drastically and can no longer sustain the rising population.

A Dept. of Agriculture study revealed that America’s effort at conservation is falling short. We are loosing every bit of land and natural resource and no additional improvement is seen. If we need to address the issues and create a profound improvement on the environment to promote its sustainability, population issues should also be addressed. We can all focus on “smart growth and good population density but if we have a high population growth, according to Beck, we will still be eaten by the urban sprawl.

Making immigration more difficult and slowing the economic growth will certainly make the US a less attractive place for job-seekers. Pope, called the anti-immigration efforts as short-sighted. “To attain the desired effect on the environment, said effort to control growth should be global” according to him. Nevada has been cited for its polluted air, serious traffic jams and crime problems. “With the overwhelming majority of jobs taken in by Vegas migrants, the mayor hopes to raise its educational standards to attract businesses that need highly educated workers”.

The once rural areas are slowly being filled-up. Enormous pressures placed on communities with higher taxes to pay for basic community services are slowly left out in favor of rural areas which require lesser tax dues. However, “Arizona and New Mexico are openly debating land use and values: open spaces versus development; habitat versus jobs; ranch land versus recreation”, Christian Science Monitor said. The delicate issue of illegal immigration does require a multi-faceted approach. Millions of foreigners live legally in the US. Million of others are illegal.

And at the mercy of their employers who provided a visa for them. To some extent both immigrants form a certain underclass and thereby questions the principles of equality that it teaches. Immigration restriction is manifestly unjust if we are to focus singularly on our own backyard. Yet we must minimize the environmental upheaval that opening our own borders would result to. Wages would be pulled down and a social upheaval occurs with friendly partnerships burdened and disrupted. As a substitute for national safety, immigrant populations should be regulated at a level acceptable to everyone.

Working immigrants should pay taxes commensurate to their jobs religiously. Other measures to improve the environment should be addressed as a joint effort among nations. Seemingly, if we try to clean up only our own backyard while the world looks on and do nothing and when disaster occurs, mass immigration would shoot at alarming levels. Education should aim at solutions to the problem rather than approaching it with a harsh front. Let us understand that immigrants bring with them traditions that is deeply rooted in their faith and family values, something that Americans need a good dose of.

We will not object to the government ensuring our borders but a database of known illegal immigrants must be maintained while immigrants with prior records of crimes against humanity face instant deportation regardless of class and wealth. Intense training and pressure must be brought to third world countries to further create measures to improve its economy to prevent their own citizens from leaving their countries thereby creating a void and a brain drain.

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