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What was your first job? Do you have to work on Sundays? Do you like your job? Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money? We always hear that when we are applying in a company. We as a human being we find jobs that suites our personalities and dreams. Sometimes are job can change our whole life. And are job can affect our relationship to our family and friends. You as a person can change yourself for your work?

Can you balance your time in working and in bonding to your family? You, can you relate yourself in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”? This movie is all about work.” A million girls would kill for this job. – Emily Charlton”, “I love my job, I love my job.- Emily Charlton”, “it’s not fair! I mean, you eat carbs for Christ’s sake! – Emily Charlton”.

Now let us talk about the film “The Devil Wears Prada” has many characters and crews but these are the main characters or the persons who help Andrea Sachs to improve herself or her personality. Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs, Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci as Nigel, Simon Baker as Christian Thompson, Adrian Grenier as Nate, Tracie Thoms as Lily, Emily blunt as Emily. For me they are the most important characters in the film.

Why? Because without them Andrea Sachs can’t improve and prove herself. So here is the characterization of Andrea Sanchs, Miranda Priestly, Nigel, Christian Thompson, Nate, Lily, Emily. First Andrea Sanchs a college graduate who goes to New York City and gets a job as a co-assistant to powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly and Andrea Sanchs is the girlfriend of Nate and the best friend of Lily.

And second assistant of Miranda and co-worker of Emily that become her almost friend but are not that much close to each other because of insecurities of Emily to Andrea. Miranda Priestly editor-in-chief of Runway, a very chic and influential fashion magazine published by the Elias-Clark company. And Miranda is the one who is almost all of her worker are scared to her, why? Because she is so strict in her works like meeting etc. because she always want perfect.

And every single detail she always give opinion. Sometimes she doesn’t speak to your work so it means that your work is like a trash. Nigel is a very tall British gay man who in addition to serving as Runway’s creative director, frequently appears on television as a fashion consultant and is thus one of the few stars of the magazine Andrea knows prior to working there. And Nigel is the one who help Andrea to improve her fashion style on how to mix and match the color and print of the clothes. Christian Thompson is the one who help Andrea to find the harry potter book, he help Andréa to find that book so Andrea will not be fired, and he is the man who betray Andrea at the end part of the movie.

Nate is the boyfriend of Andréa they have good relationship before Andrea work on the runway but after few months Nate feels that Andrea has no time for Nate that make it to the point that they both need space because they both don’t understand the situation of each other. Lily is one of the best friends of Andrea but lily had get mad to Andrea because she saw in one event that Christian and Andrea had kiss each other but it is only friendly kiss but lily give another meaning to it.

Emily is the first person that Andrea encounters while she is applying. And Emily is the longest or oldest secretary of Miranda because she is the only secretary of Miranda that has the longest patient.

So now let us talk about the setting of the devil wears Prada. New York because the runway magazine building is located at new York. The office of Miranda because the story almost start there, and Paris when they go there for fashion show and when Andrea knows that she is becoming different to old her. So now the exposition in the story is when Andrea is finding a job. And the rising action is when Andrea starts to fix herself become more fashionable, beautiful that if you compare it to the old Andrea you can even know her now.

When Nigel start giving Andrea some tips on how Andrea become more elegant that Miranda can say that is my secretary. The climax when Miranda told Andrea to deliver her coats and book to her house so Andrea answer yes, for her she can bring it to the house of Miranda but Emily told Andrea that when she arrive to the house of Miranda she must be transparent like that no one can see her. And Emily said to Andrea that you must put these coats on the cabinet near to the door and the books are on the table.

So Andrea arrive to the house of Miranda she enter the house she remember that she need to put the coats on the cabinet but which cabinet there are two one on the left and on the right she move slowly so that no one can see her. When she look up the stair she see the daughters of Miranda she ask the daughter when she will put this coat the daughters said on the left and when Andrea put the books she notice that there are more tables here. So she asks again the daughters of Miranda the daughters said come here, come here.

But the rules that she must be transparent but the daughters said go up here, here so Andrea decided to go up stairs and before she reach the second floor she see that Miranda and her husband are talking so she stop but Miranda caught her so Andrea felt nervous because Miranda caught her and she put the books on the floor end live the house of Miranda. Andrea knew that maybe tomorrow she may be fired because of what she did.

The rising action is when Andrea star fixing herself and when she star giving her life for her job the moment when Andrea are walking and when she was blocked by bus or walls and when we see again Andrea has wearing different clothes or dress.

The falling action when Andrea attends as art gallery or something that she was with lily. But Andrea see Christian and Christian kiss Andrea and lily caught them and Andrea see lily that lily are looking at them and Andrea explain that it was only nothing and lily got angry to Andrea and live Andrea. And Nate arrive and see Andrea and Nate ask Andrea there something wrong and Andrea just not answer and they go out to the gallery and Nate ask Andrea to have space or they just break but Andrea don’t want and Andrea said to Nate that we can still fix it but Miranda calls Andrea and Nate was terrified because still Andrea has no time for their relationship.

And the resolution is when Miranda and Andrea are on the car and talking to each other and Andrea opens-up to Miranda that going to Paris is the big dream of Emily but she cannot go because of the accident and Andrea told Miranda that she even don’t want to got here because of Emily because Emily is the one who is worth it to be here but Miranda told Andrea and why you go with me and you know that this is the dream of Emily.

And Miranda point it out to Andrea that she also want to be in Paris and she still the dream of Emily and Andrea deny that she has no choice but Miranda said you have a choice you can accept and ignore. And Andrea lives her job in runway and goes back to Nate and become the old Andrea sanchs again.So now for me the critical theory in the movie “the devil wears Prada “is Marxist theory.

Why? Because it talks about society. On how you can accept your society and also how your society accept you. it is Marxist reading because when you see in the film Andrea is only a normal person she don’t want any art or something on her clothes she want only simple not like others full of patterns in their clothes. But Andrea is applying for the runway magazine and when she enters the company almost all of the personnel there are fashionable.

And when she arrives to the room or office of Miranda and when she first encounters Emily she knew there are full of clothes expensive clothes. and when she was hired as the secretary Emily gave her a pair of shoes and Emily told Andrea you wear this but Andrea didn’t and Andrea notice when Miranda look at her she feels there is something wrong but after a week there is no changes on how Miranda look Andrea.

And Andrea talk to Nigel and told Nigel that how can Andrea accept me? And Nigel teach Andrea on how she fix herself but sooner or later Andrea can fix herself and she become fashionable like others. And Andrea learns on how to communicate to others to her officemates and how she can speak to Miranda. And how she accepts the whole environment of the runway magazine.

The film “” the devil wears Prada” teach you on how you can manage your time in work and family. On what will happen to your family if you don’t have time for them or vise verse. Sometimes we need to think before we do something. Sometimes we feel its okay but for others it’s not. You as a person can change yourself for your work? For me I think yes, why? For you to can communicate to your co-workers it’s not wrong to change yourself for your work but be sure your still the same maybe you change in appearance but your inner beauty must be still the same.

Can you balance your time in working and in bonding to your family? Maybe! Because sometimes we work for our family but suddenly we forget to bond we them. And it may cause misunderstanding because for us it is for them to give them wonderful life but for them it is nothing because they want is time that you can’t even give them because you are busy to your work. But I think we can still give them time when we have free time be sure that you will bond to each other treasure the time when you are with them. .” A million girls would kill for this job. – Emily Charlton”, “I love my job, I love my job.- Emily Charlton”, “it’s not fair! I mean, you eat carbs for Christ’s sake! – Emily Charlton”.

That lines are from the movie of “the Devil Wears Prada” it catches may attention I think because it tells us as the viewer or the audience that in the film Andrea was the lucky girl to have that kind of work and it means that getting a job in runway magazine is like you won a million. Why? Because you work with Miranda Priestly one of the biggest person in the industry. Salary that can give what you want and clothes branded clothes that are almost free. It means out of millions of girls you are the lucky one but even you are the lucky one there is something wrong and it is your family. You have great salary great work. But you have great time for the person who is important to you ??