American Government Summary

The Prohibition of Alcohol came about as a result of the attempt of the American Government to ban the consumption of liquor in its country. The prohibition was made into law and was incorporated in the Eighteenth Amendment. This apparently noble intention of attempting to stop the use of alcohol was not taken lightly by the society. Instead, that law became the root of many problems which eventually led to the amendment of the said law.

Due to the clamor of the members of society, the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed by President Franklin Roosevelt in that he allowed liquor to be consumed subject to the restriction that the alcohol content that would be sold should not exceed a certain percentage and the implementation thereof was left to the authorities of the different states comprising their country. I am of the opinion that it is possible to impose prohibition today by virtue of the police power of the government.

Provided, that there would be sufficient proof that the prohibition would be done through lawful means and for a lawful purpose for the benefit of the society. If, for instance, there would be clear and convincing evidence that too much alcohol consumption has led to the commission of crimes, disruption of an orderly society and other similar instances, then the government has a basis to impose liquor ban. The law of every country must be stable but evolving. By this, it is meant that every law should be made applicable to the needs of the present time.

The passage of the prohibition during the 1920’s by Congress failed to anticipate the effects of the total ban on liquor. The leaders of the present century can learn from the mistakes of the past and pass a law in accordance with the needs of the present. For instance, if there would ever be a need to regulate the consumption of alcohol, the present government can pass a law which could serve as a middle ground between the manufacturers of alcohol and the consumers. Reference: Poholek, Catherine H. May 6, 1998. “Prohibition in the 1920’s Thirteen Years that Damaged America”. http://www. geocities. com/Athens/troy/4399/