Afforestation and Pollution Free World

1.Who invented the telephone?(a) Thomas Alva Edison(b) Galileo(c) Alexander Graham Bell(d) G. MarconiAnswer: (c)2.Who invented the railway engine?(a) Charles Babbage(b) Isaac Newton(c) James Watt(d) George StephensonAnswer: (d)3.Who invented Radar?(a) Henrey Becquerel(b) Max Planck(c) Robert Watson Watt(d) Humphrey DavyAnswer: (c)4.Who invented polio vaccine (oral)?(a) Albert Sabin(b) Burkholder(c) Luise Pasture(d) Jonas SalkAnswer: (a)5.Who developed the small pox vaccination?(a) Eduard Jenner(b) Alexander Fleming(c) Albert Einstein(d) None of theseAnswer: (a)6.Which one of the following was to be discovered first in the chromosphere of the sun (a) Helium(b) Neon(c) Xenon(d) KryptonAnswer: (a)

7.Which famous inventor ranks second in the number of patents registered? (a) Thomas Alva Edison(b) James Watt(c) Albert Einstein(d) Edwin LandAnswer: (d)8.What famous scientist and inventor participated in the invention of the Aqua-Lung? (a) Thomas Edison(b) Isaac Newton(c) Leonardo da Vinci(d) Jacques CousteauAnswer: (d)

9.Vulcanised rubber was invented by(a) Charles Goodyear(b) William Stockes(c) J.E.Lundstrom(d) Sir Joseph SwannAnswer: (A)10.The system for writing by blind people was invented by(a) Louis Braille(b) Henry Bacquerel(c) Sir J.A.Fleming(d) Dr.Charles H. TownesAnswer: (a)11.The steam engine was invented by(a) William Stockes(b) J.E.Lundstrom(c) Sir Joseph Swann(d) James WattAnswer: (D)12.Laser was invented by(a) Dr.Charles H. Townes(b) Edwin Hubble(c) Albert Einstein(d) S. ChandrasekharAnswer: (a)

13.The revolver was invented by(a) Eduard Jenner(b) Alexander Fleming(c) Albert Einstein(d) Samuel ColtAnswer: (d)14.The refrigerator was invented by(a) J.Perkins(b) Alexander Fleming(c) Albert Einstein(d) Benjamin FranklinAnswer: (a)15.The nuclear reactor was invented by(a) Enrico Ferni(b) Eduard Jenner(c) Alexander Fleming(d) Albert Einstein TorricelliAnswer: (a)16.The laws of floating bodies was discovered by(a) Pierre Simon de Laplace(b) Archimedes(c) Edwin Hubble(d) Joseph J. ThomsonAnswer: (b)17.The four blood groups were discovered by(a) Richard Feynman(b) Karl Landsteiner(c) Alfred Wegener(d) Stephen HawkingAnswer: (b)18.The existence of isotopes was discovered by(a) Emil Kraepelin(b) Trofim Lysenko(c) Frederick Soddy(d) Francis GaltonAnswer: (c)19.The electro-cardiograph was invented by(a) B. F. Goodrich(b) Gottlieb Daimler(c) Karl Benz(d) William EinthovenAnswer: (d)20.Stethoscope was invented by(a) William Shockley(b) Tim Berners Lee(c) Chester Carlson(d) William StockesAnswer: (d)21.Spinning frame was invented by(a) Charles Macintosh(b) Antoine Joseph Sax(c) Samuel Morse(d) Sir Richard ArkwrightAnswer: (d)22.Sodium was discovered by(a) Sir Humphry Davy(b) James Watson(c) John Bardeen(d) John von NeumannAnswer: (a)23.Safety matches was invented by(a) Levi Strauss(b) Benjamin Franklin(c) Peter Goldmark(d) J.E.LundstromAnswer: (d)24.Rayon was invented by(a) Sir Joseph Swann(b) Adolph Rickenbacker(c) David Brewster(d) Christopher CockerellAnswer: (a)25.Radium was discovered by(a) Willard Libby(b) Edward Teller(c) Ernst Haeckel(d) Marie and Pierrie CurieAnswer: (d)

26.Radioactivity was discovered by(a) Karl Landsteiner(b) Konrad Lorenz(c) Henry Bacquerel(d) Edward O. WilsonAnswer: (c)27.Radio valve was invented by(a) Sir J.A.Fleming(b) George Eastman(c) William Burroughs(d) Michael FaradayAnswer: (a)28.Nylon was invented by(a) Dr.Wallace H.Carothers(b) Adolph Rickenbacker(c) David Brewster(d) Christopher CockerellAnswer: (a)29.Microscope was invented by(a) Aaton Van Leewen Hock(b) Robert Recorde(c) William Oughtred(d) Hermann FottingerAnswer: (a)30.The steam engine was invented by(a) James Watt(b) James Prescott Joule(c) New Commen(d) Isaac NewtonAnswer: (a)