Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated System

Automated systems centralize the initial application and review process, removing employers from the system and freeing up managerial time to focus on other concerns. By eliminating time spent on non-productive hiring activities, managers can be more productive and direct results oriented. Managers no longer are the first point of contact, because any employee can refer prospects to the application centers—are a telephone hotline, a Web site, or an in-store kiosk; the reduced time recruiting is also a significant source of cost savings as well. (McPhie, 2004) The systems can be available 24/7, allowing interested prospects to apply when they want to. Effective prescreening assessments and tests can then filter a broad pool of talent and provide employers with just the most appropriate applicants for further consideration. (McPhie, 2004)

By eliminating unqualified candidates, and utilizing skill and personality assessments to better capture the true capacity of remaining prospects, employers can make better, more informed hiring decisions. And by hiring more effectively, employers can mitigate hiring risk, reduce unemployment claims, and develop a more focused, well-balanced team. (McPhie, 2004) The centralized collection and storage of HR data allows for greater analysis capabilities, and simplified reporting mechanisms for welfare, equal opportunity employment, and government tax credit programs. (Kleiman, 2006) The acceptance of automated systems is already taking place. Target, Wal-Mart, Exxon, Walgreen, Home Depot already have some systems in place. These are your competitors for great employees – just as much as Chevron, the Exxon, The Flying J Truck Stop, and Circle K. (Kleiman, 2006) Disadvantages of Automated Hiring Systems

* Computers will look for only those resumes that exactly meet the strict criteria of the search. This tends to put recent college graduates, borderline candidates, or those switching careers at a disadvantage, since these job seekers are less likely to have as many keywords included in their resumes. (Kleiman, 2006) * No automated system is infallible. If the computer rejects your resume because the scanner is unable to read it or turns it into an unintelligible mess, you’re out of luck. Therefore, it’s essential to send a clean, computer-friendly resume. (Kleiman, 2006)

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