Administrative policies

Lack of capable leaders: Lack of capable leaders keeps the country down and cannot take the government in positive pattern. Mostly military leaders are learned and are able to take the decision and can take the cause of the country in the international stages. 5. Lack of proper administrative polices: Administrative policies are mostly based on the political benefits and political agenda. For that they are ready to work against the nations benefits. But most of the military rulers are patriotic in nature and ready to work for the nations at any cost.

Lack of commitment and single mindedness: The involvement of the more number of policy decision makers make the policy more diversified and will lose a predefined goals. In military governments the policy decision maker are very few and have a single mindedness. 7. International politics: The political leaders don’t have the perfect picture of international politics and have to depend on the civil servants to take decision. Military officers will be having adequate international exposure to can deal with the international situations. 8. Rise of rebel leaders: rise of rebel leaders will be of political or military origin.

But if it is of military origin then they will be effective. 9. Scope of the military to capture the governments: Military are the only having the best to take over the civil governments and establish its governance. 10. Lack of proper opposition party: Lack of proper opposition party will lead to county to anarchy. Military government can change and bring some new rules and policies. There are some reasons why civil governments are established 1. Lack of freedom and liberty to people: People loose the freedom and liberty under military rule. Civil governments can give more liberty and freedom to people. 2.

Lack of freedom of speech to the media: In the military governments media is the first target and have to face strict laws. 3. Stringent polices and strict penal laws: Stringent polices and strict penal laws in the military can cause severe problems to the common citizens. In the civil governments rules and regulations will be according to the rule of law. 4. Fear of sanctions form the international community: Military governments have to face the sanctions. But even governments get the aid when there is any need. Military is employed by civil administration only to serve them, not to become a supreme and not to impose arbitrary laws.

Military men want to rule country with gun and believe in gun power. But this is not easy and also proved long back in history and there are still several examples. They military governments cannot survive with out the support of the people and this will be a point for the international community to put pressure. So now the military governments are changing their strategies to win the support of the public. For that they need to bring new policies and liberalize their administrative frame work. There are some military governments moving for the law enforcement works. Some the initiative brought are: