Accidents are normal

I agree with the view that accidents are normal occurrences in life. People try their best to prevent accidents from happening but more often than not, some accidents like natural accidents are meant to happen. For example, engineers have come up with innovations like a moving foundation to allow a building to move along with the earthquake to keep the building from collapsing during such calamities. However, in spite of the innovations introduced by engineers, some buildings still become victims of earthquakes.

With regard to protecting passengers from terrorist attacks, airports all over the world have tightened and improve their security systems. But then, some terrorists are still able to elude airport security systems and do their deed like what happened to the passengers of the aircraft that crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center Building last September 11, 2001. Korvers , Sonnemans, Pasman cite the case of chemical industries.

According to them ( Korvers ,Sonnemans, Pasman, 2010), “Despite the increased understanding of how accidents occur in the chemical process industry, today’s safety measures and indicators do not prevent these accidents from happening. ” Some accidents though can be prevented from happening. These are foreseen accidents that involve the human factor. For example, some car accidents happen because there are drivers who do not give their vehicles the look over before using them.

Look over activities involve checking the brakes and brake fluid and inspecting the engine. On the part of police officers, some of them lose their lives without a fighting chance when their guns jam during a shootout. This is because some of them fail to clean their guns on regular basis like what happened to the character named Speedle from the TV drama CSI: Miami. According to Dekker, (Dekker, 2003), “ ‘Human error’ is often cited as a cause of occupational mishaps and industrial accidents. ” References Dekker, S. W. (2003).

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