Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

Has their been a time in your life where you didnt know what you wanted to do? Graduating highschool stressing over what college you want to attend for the fall semister. Wondering what jobs you qualify for, trying to help pay for your college education. You’re future is in the shadows, oblivious to what you want to do in the corporate world. Until one day you turned on your television set and you’ve seen this commercial. A commercial that displays teamwork, didication, ambition, disapline, and builds a brotherhood that spreads across the nation.

After researching the life of Donald Henry Rumsfeld and interveiwing Captian Robert Crawley who spent 15 yrs in the US Army. I have explored the role of the Army’s Military police, what they do daily, their income, and the benefits of the career. The U. S Armed Forces are composed of five seperate military services, The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, And Coast guard. The Army Military needs police for the same reasons why civilian society needs police, to guard and protect from enemys harming others.

Working indoors and outdoors on foot, in the cars, or in boats, Military Police control traffic, prevent crime, and respond to emergencies to protect lives and property on military bases by enforcing military laws and regulations. Military police Interveiw witnesses, victims, and suspects while in investigation of crimes, they collect evidence, arrest and charge criminal suspects, And testify when needed in the court house. Police work in general can be very dangerous and stressful.

Confronting dangerous criminals, officers witness what can physically and mentally happen to a human being. A career in law enforcement may interfere with an officers private life. In most Jurisdictions, dosent matter if you are on duty or off duty, officers are expected to be armed and to exercise their arrest authority whenever necessary. To Join any branch in the Army you must be a U. S citizen or the holder of a valid Green Card. You must be between the ages of seventeen and age thirty five.

You cannot have a criminal record nore backround on your record if joining the service. You must have a highschool diploma before serving time in any branch. Law enforcement officers must not be afriad of confrontation, should communicate well, and should be able to think on their feet. Very good interveiwing skills and interrogation skills are important, as well as honesty, sound judgement, integrity, and a sense of responsiblity, good health, normal color vision, and a willingness to perform potentially dangerous work, and work calm under pressure.

The Average Salary in Military Police for officers and detectives was $64,430 in 2004. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $36,690 a year. Depending on your rank in the U. S army will determine your income. The middle 50% earned between $49,370 and $80,510, and highest income is $96,950 dollars. Researching the life of Donald Henry Rumsfeld, a famous man who graduated out of the military and became secretary of defense for the U. S federal government on November 20th, 1975. Donald Rumsfeld became secretary of defense under the wing of Ex Formal president George W.

Bush in the year 2001. Rumsfeld was always one to be on his “A” game, not only did he have 40 years of public service under his belt, but he was known to be the most experienced member of Bush’s cabinet. A man who worked good under pressure handling the Iraq War and the prisoner abuse scandal uncovered at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison. The same year he was elected Secretary of defense he won his first award which was the President Medal Of Freedom, and he worked his way progressively through the years, and was awarded the Eleven Honorary Degrees in 1993.

In 2006 Donald Rumsfeld resigned from Secretary of defense. I interviewed Robert Crawley who is a captian in the U. S Army, and has been serving for his country for fifteen years. Robert Crawley grew up in a small town in Montgomery Alabama. He is an only child to his parents Rebecca Crawley, Charlie Crawley and the first in the family to earn a highschool diploma. Robert was always an intelligent kid, he loved solving problems, playing school sports, and Robert was a family man. He graduated highschool in 1979 unsure with what he wanted to do after highschool.

He told me that his problem getting into college’s was the tuition he said ” my parents never had enough money to send me off to college”. Robert decided to join the Army after highschool to pay for his college education. He enlisted into the army at age 18 Joining the Army’s National Guard. Robert loved being in the army “it made me more aware of my surroundings and it provided me with knowledge that they dont teach in school books” Robert said. Robert graduated from the military 4years later and was offered a position to stay in the military or leave from the military.

Robert said that while he was in the service he had fun working with different people, the training, the team work, the awards, he didnt want to give that lifestyle up so he decided to stay in the military. Robert started off as a E-1 and worked his way through the ranks and is now a Captian in the U. S Army. “One of the best decisions i’ve ever made” Robert said. He told me that when people think of Army they think of death but dont understand the meaning behind it. He said “the Army is a place of brotherhood, a place of honor, respect, love for our country, A place that i call home”.