ABA policy on the juvenile death penalty

The child turns to minor becomes to major. Before becoming major or adult member there is one another stage called juvenile. On becoming the adult it can be assumed that the person has some maturity, of course if mentally not retarded. With regard to the Childs minors and juveniles, those persons will not have sufficient and only they have innocence, childishness etc. The total world including United States did not recognize them as persons. Person is a only adult member.

Many juvenile offenders on death row suffered for inadequate judicial proceedings and effective legal representation. It is also evidenced that most of juvenile offenders who have been sentenced to death are already executed with their backgrounds such as poverty, drug abuse, and mental illness, suffer from mental illness, brain damage, physically or sexually abused. The juvenile actions are based on the background of their living area, which mostly low class areas. The teenagers are less mature and hence less culpable than adults who commit similar acts.

The Adolescence is a transitional period in which it is beginning of life where the emotions, judgment, impulse control and identity are still developing. According to neuro science revealed that the brain continues to develop into the early twenties with the executive functions such as impulse control, identity, decision making. The morality development will come in the last stage i. e. around 20 age. Due to the immaturity only, the elders do not allow the juveniles to accept he major responsibilities of adulthood.

The major responsibilities laid by government include military combat service, voting, entering into contracts, drinking alcohol or making medical decisions etc. Giving Capital punishment to the juvenile offenders does not suit the society’s traditional justifications. The minors included juveniles. The minors are unable to assume the measure of accountability for the mistakes are actions. The juveniles do not the consequences simply they will do for which they will receive or negative results.

They will be in such mind to taste the everything and they will settle in that matters after becoming the adultery. That is why their interests will not be counted. One more thing it should be noted the death penalty effectively deters the you from committing violent crime. The providing death penalty to the juveniles costs the he society more to execute a than to imprison them for life. The execution of single individual costs approximately $2. 5 million, which begins from prosecution, maintain on death row and execution.

Of course the Supreme Court gave the decision not to give the capital punishment to the juveniles in the United States and the same thing will be observed by all the courts only till further judgment on the same issue. If after sometime, the judgment reversed, again all other courts should follow to give capital punishment which is not acceptable nationally and universally as giving capital punishment to juveniles leads immoral and unethical for such wrongs committed by the juveniles influenced by the society. Hence the juveniles should not be given for capital punishment.


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