Emr Proposal

Introduction The idea of EMR was first introduce in the 1960’s when Gary Weed conceptualized the Problem Oriented Medical record as a way of documenting patient encounters. The first medical records system was introduced in 1972 at the Regenstreif Institute. Today is it estimated that only 20% of large clinics and hospitals have gore electronic and even fewer, 5%, of the small clinics have converted.

The time has come for us to be part of the rapidly growing movement that is going to revolutionize healthcare and health information management. (1) According to capterra.com (2) the five most popular EMR systems are eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, and AthenaHealth. The top five systems by number of users are eClinicalWorks 370,000, Epic 230,000, McKesson 200,000, Care360 165,000, and Allscripts 160,000. I took each of these companies into consideration but after concluding my research I felt that they were not exactly what our clinic is looking for.

I am recommending three different vendors; Universal EMR Solutions, SuiteMed and Integrated Systems Management, Inc. Each of these vendors offer systems that meet “meaningful use” guidelines and are all fully CCHIT certified. On the following pages you will find information about each vendor including a product overview, system features and certifications.

Physician’s Solution Fully Customized® “Designed FOR Doctors BY Doctors®”

Overview (3) Physician’s Solution is browser based system that has a 100% user satisfaction rating and has been used continuously in the USA use since 2002. Physicians Solution is all encompassing. It has the ability to follow through the entire patient cycle going from scheduling to charting to prescriptions, refills, claims, collections and reporting.

It even allows clinicians to review messages and lab results. Physicians Solution is compatible with our current practice management system, making our conversion even easier One of the features that is really going to make our clinicians happy is can access patient charts and associated data from the comfort of their home or anywhere else through a desktop computer, wireless laptop/netbook, tablet PC/iPad, PDA or smartphone.

Features (4) * Automated lab result attainment. * Automated integration of EKG, Echocardiographs and other cardiovascular and imaging modalities. * Automated incorporation of test results into patients’ charts. * Easily convey diagnostics and procedure outcomes to hospitals. * Maximize coding and billing.

* Manage in-house diagnostic centers by having technicians capture measurements and observations, and enable reviewing physicians to create final reports, e.g. echocardiography and cardiac stress testing. * Create on-line review stations, linking physicians to off-site imaging. * Manage PT/INR therapy, blood lipid levels/lipid clinic, preventative cardiovascular management, and tracking blood pressure and medical intervention of efficacy

* Import Pacemaker, Loop Recorder, AICD, and Holter data to patient chart. * Manage test orders and prescriptions.

* Evaluate treatment results and endpoint differentials. * Generate consult letters.

Certifications (3) * 2011/12 ONC Certification * 2011 CCHIT Certification

SuiteMed™ IMS Integrated Suite Clinical Ambulatory EHR & Practiced Management

Overview (5) SuiteMed IMS Integrated Suite is a fully integrated EHR and Practiced Management suite. SuiteMed can be deployed on our own server or remotely hosted. According to suitemed.com they have a product that is very easy for clinicians to learn because the program has a Windows® look and feel. They offer a team of local IT professionals to provide training and support.

Features (5) Patient Screen * Collapsible side link panels for adjustable one screen info.

* Patient screen access from anywhere in the EHR. * Customizable side links. * Record patient´s encounter with templates, dictation, transcription or handwriting. E-Prescribe * Track medication and refill histories. * Dosing, allergy and drug interactions and contra-indication checks/alerts.

* History of current and past medications. * Drug education integration. * Create frequently used individual or group medication templates.

* Transmit prescriptions by print, fax or electronically. Meaningful Use Dashboard * Real-time indications of their current Meaningful Use levels.

* Customized reports for the monitoring of countless CMS-required data elements.

* Drill down and review patients contained in the reporting. * Quick exporting of the data for delivery to regional Health Information Exchanges. Health Maintenance Reminders

* Improved patient outcomes. * Patient reminders to follow-up for important visits. * Increase Patient Satisfaction. Drug Dispensary * Bar-coded drug verification for accuracy * Integrated with SuiteMed IMS PM for automatic billing charges

* Produce documentation of attempts to follow clinical guidelines

Certifications (6) * 2011/12 ONC Certification * 2011 CCHIT Certification

OmniEHR™ OmniPM™

Overview (7) OmniMD, a division of Integrated Systems Management, Inc; has been providing electronic health record and practice management solutions since 2001. Products provided by OmniMD are internet-based and HIPAA-compliant. OmniMD offers a comprehensive electronic charting system that is customized to meet individual EHR requirements.

The system is universal accessibility from laptops, handheld devices, tablets and desktop computers, so charts can be shared by clinicians across multiple offices. OmniMD is a fully integrated system that we can scan our existing documents into.

Features (7,8) * Document patient demographics and insurance records. * Capture patient allergies, current and pre-existing medications.

* Manage patient social, family and medical history. * Record patients visit records, grouped into cases by chief complaints.

* Capture vitals, HPI, ROS, and physical exams. * Capture and document procedures performed.

* Document differential diagnoses, assessments, and treatment plans. * Support specialty-specific and customized templates and forms. * Supports rich-text editing online with image-marking facilities. * Integrated with prescription writer for prescribing and lab orders. * Offers templates for various case reports, referral letters, etc. * Patient dashboard for snapshot view and one-click access to all patient data

Certifications (7) * 2011 ONC Certification * 2011 CCHIT Certification

Conclusion I feel that any of these EMR systems will make a great fit for our clinic. The next step would be to contact the vendors so key clinicians and admins can get a hands-on look at each one. We need a representative from each vendor to give us a project estimate and discuss their implementation strategies to ensure that they meet the needs of our clinic.

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