Study Pfn. Four-wheel drive

Lamborghini|Parent Company| AUDI AG|Category| Sports Cars & Super Cars|Sector| Automobile|Tagline/ Slogan| Feels Italian wherever you are; I’m two German sports cars| USP| Superior Handling & performance|STP|Segment| The upper class of the society|Target Group| The rich & affluent from the urban|Positioning| Premium Super sports car for people who want superior performance| SWOT Analysis| Strength|

1. Known for superior handling & high speed i.e. performance 2. Technology sharing with the sister & parent companies i.e. Audi & Volkswagen 3. Small workforce of around 850 employees they design& produce one the best in class products & satisfy the global demand as well, producing around 1800 vehicles a year 4. Established the standard that to have a mid-rear engine layout & rear wheel drive design for sports cars & super sports cars5. Top of the mind brand recall owing to its stylish looks and power performance| Weakness|

1.Being a super car, it is allegedly under the scanner of environmentalists who feel fuel consumption is a lot 2.Due to its premium nature & pricing the sales are easily affected by the macro-economic events like the late 2000s crisis which lead to halving of its annual sales| Opportunity| 1.To go increase customer relations events & activities which will enhance the ownership experience2.To increase the global reach as currently it is present in very few regions 3.To do away with the regional quota system & sell on the basis of demand, it was seen that when they launched their models in India the demand far exceeded the supply thus they lost the customer to the competitors| Threats|

1.The threat is the niche regional players & custom modifiers who have the regional presence & ability to make a car to exact taste of the buyer2. Intense competition in the niche segment from other premium brands3. Govt policies against high fuel consuming super cars| Competition|

Competitors| 1. Ferrari2. Porsche Carrera GT3. Aston Martin4. Jaguar|