5 Year Plan Outline

1. Introduction A) Bio A single father in San has previously served as the Co-Chair person for San JCounty Board of Supervisors Policy Council & has served in that capacity for the past 3 years. Attending National conferences empowered his involvement for fathers. Although Dre Jr. His only child residing with him, he also plays a fatherly role to others as well. He was raised partly with his father and then foster care, DrePhawn has overcome several obstacles; including being a victim of domestic violence, having no resources to turn to for assistance with his disabled child and finally job loss.

A recipient of the Single Father of the Year in 2010; DrePhawn pushed forward & became an advocate first for his child, himself and now other fathers. A graduate from Turlock High School, Modesto Junior College and University of the Pacific. Drehas worked for several different agencies including: Schools Inc. , Human Services, Police Department, The US Army and presently & Investigations B) Financial hardship hit my business in 2011. After being open since 2007; Clients no longer wanted nor needed investigative or process serving services.

I decided to take a parent leadership course in civics and democracy and was motivated to follow up on my passion of law enforcement. After applying for a state investigator job, I was reffered over to IOT’s CERM program. Upon completing CERM; my goal is to apply and be employed by ice or any federal agency. 2) Body A) Personal I) hopes of marriage are coming II) Weight loss and healthy lifestyle and making it through year one of marriage. All personal bad habbits such as money wasters cease.

III) Fitness goals achieved. B. Prefessional I) Be on time to all classes give it 110% functional professional attitude requiring a good stance with my law enforcement Cerm. Applyign what i’ve learned thus far to everyday life. II) hired by any of the federal law enforcement agencies. Doing this by not taking unessesary risk within my community. I would also like to begin my book writing on the stages of single parenting with my son as main subject. C. Financial I) pull credit report; Work on past due debt.

II) Become debt free III) self sufficient from any government assistance can also do it by obtaining good job within government IIII) pay off school loans 3. Conclusion A. Procrastination and dealing with outside issues ie. DRAMA WITH EXES or legal issues. B. No gas for class can be another issue; car pooling with others will likely solve this issue. C. In the end achieving all my goals would likely set me in a great position for success; Keep pushing on… don’t sweat small stuff!!!!!!