Law enforcement Sample

The main responsibility of a newly-appointed police chief would be to reinforce the law enforcement machinery in his jurisdiction. This involves identifying weak links in the system and finding ways to fix them accordingly. Before doing that, it would be a good idea to understand the English Law enforcement system to ensure the police force is in compliance with the standards followed by the rest of the country.

Law enforcement in England is not done by any one centralized police force, but by separate police agencies functioning all over the country. Each geographic location like a city has its own police territorial force, which safeguards the well-being of people in that particular location. There are also other police forces such as special police forces and private constabularies (Wikipedia 2007). Hence, it is the duty of the police chief to ensure that his local police force works hand-in-hand with the other police agencies and co-operate with them during investigations.

All police officers are considered to be constables, no matter what rank they occupy in the police force, which reemphasizes the fact that all officers have equal responsibility to maintain law and order. The English watch system treats police officers and the common public as equals since the same set of laws governs everyone. Hence, the chief police has to reinforce these values into his police force to ensure that officers do not feel above the law and misuse their powers. The chief should also take extra efforts to improve the relationship between the police force and common public (Home Office Police).

The primary motto of the British Police force is to maintain peace and security of the Queen; smooth provision of day-to-day services is also critical. Each and every police force in the English watch system is essentially supervised by a police authority (Bayley 1979). The primary duty of this body is to make sure that police force serves the community to the best of its abilities. As the leader of a territorial police force, the police chief is responsible for making sure that his force complies with the standards set by these authorities.


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