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IntroductionWhat is the law?  Law governs people, businesses and organizations.  Law is a huge judiciary body which covers entire aspects and issues that require extreme attention in bringing several issues to an orderly discipline. Law can also be explained as a code of rules and regulations, to refer whenever there is a situation or in abiding by the principles of justice and order.

Law is the highest authority before which each and every individual or organizational bodies have to obey, comply and accept decrees or judgments. Law offers several benefits to people to live in safety, security and in receiving justice whenever there are problems that people face in daily lives which is another evidencing fact that law always protects people from injustice and crime.

Laws are either civil or criminal to assist and protect people from anti-social elements. A world without law is both chaotic and deteriorating in human values.  With the laws prevailing in contemporary times,  people and organizations also take note that how important it is to comply with the civil laws for a healthy society.    In fact, in Biblical times of Old Testament, Law of Moses, Ten Commandments were dictated by God, for Israelites to follow, practice and comply to the legal frame works which sets another example for abidance to the laws.

“No law can be right merely by convention”, “Laws, as such, are to be regarded as necessary a priori  – that is as following of themselves from the conceptions of external right generally – and not as merely established by statues”. (Kant Emmanuel). Law is a mechanism which is applied and implemented in several areas of socio-economic and in detecting crimes, fixing punishments, penalties or any rehabilitation resources. International Court of Justice is the highest legal body which is authorized to grant decrees for international crimes such as terrorism,  international conspiracy, espionage or corruption  in economy. “

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people” (Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President, 1861-65) . Democracy is the voice of people and in fact the strength of democracy is in voting power of civilians.  Democracy can bring up a leader or a political leader, place in a highest position of government when leaders are working in the interest of people. The same democratic voting power can defeat a political leader by the power of people’s verdict.  The flow of information among public about the realities that take place within society, leave a deep impact on the g

overnment leaders and its system. Especially in these globalize and technology times, where people  have access to every kind of information,  have made people much smarter and bright in bringing awareness about what’s happening around, within nation and outside world which is very important in common aspect of a citizen.  Democracy has four special elements by which a nation is recognized as a democratic country (1)

Free and fair election to choose a particular government and political system (2) Active participation of public as citizens (3)  Protection of human rights (4)  Application of laws and procedures. Democracy’s greatest weapon is law and voting power of people.

Democracy expects certain freedom for people, a good sense to prevail on  human rights, law and order and above all growth in economy by developing corporate sector businesses, government undertakings and in creating employment opportunities for uplifting low income level society.

Democratic leaders are expected to recognize the pulse of people and work for the betterment of society and nation’s economy. Government policies are made either in interest of public or in the interest of government whichever is probable at a particular time.  For instance,  government policy states that retirement of an individual is fixed at 55 years, it affects families who have to make plans for retirement savings and in settlement of children.  This appears as a very small issue, whereas its impact is stretching to a greater length such as in making annual contributions to IRA,  opting for treasury bonds to save earnings and investment in stocks and shares.

This clearly states that every policy of government affects daily life of people, whether it is paying social security tax, or income tax or commercial property tax.  Another good example is Australia and Canada whose government policies are always both in the perspective of nation’s economy and in protecting the interests of citizens.  Australian Government encourages tourism,  liberalization of immigration policies, employment opportunities , social and security benefits and in imparting education to international students.

Similarly Canadian government provides health insurance, medical care to both children and elderly in maintaining birth and death rate.  Government policies that benefit its citizens are always appreciated and such governments are re-elected by public for continuing its efforts to improvise the system in all aspects.   It is an acceptable fact; nations are looked upon in high esteem only when there is an immense growth in  economy, health of its people, well-built infrastructure, social system and technology development.

One super powerful nation that meets both domestic and international government policies in United States,  which shoulders even the problems of other nations such as Iraq war in bringing democracy to its people,   participating in global development by extending technology to poor nations, providing employment opportunities to those who are skilled and professional.

The behavior of an employee is solely individualistic and personal which is decisively dependent on pursuit of education, environment that an individual is brought up and last, not the least working environment which is also an attributing factor for either poor performance or efficient performance.  Whereas it is an important fact for an employee to realize that organizations recruit people to work, learn and work and nothing goes beyond that scenario.

Employees have to extend behavior in an appropriate manner at all times, being well versed with employee and employer laws, management principles and a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities.  In any version, either in public sector or in private sector, employee’s behavior cannot be extended to unlimited extremes such as involving in corruption and bribe, conspiracy, crime or murder, in which case, law, democracy, government policy would be applicable with relevant provisions of laws and government policies.

Employees who are born between 1961-1981  who fall in the age group of  25-45 are called as “Generation X” which this term was popularized in 1991 novel “Generation X Tales for an accelerated culture” written by Douglas Coupland.  Institute for Criminal Justice Education stated in an article in the year 2002, that 33.6 percent of the workforce belong to Generation X .  Misconduct and misdemeanor , results in termination of employee without the intervention of police department.

Practice of ethics in discharging duties and responsibilities from the end of employee is very important with the fact that employees are dependent on organizations for income and employment.  Staying in tune with global needs of employment and deriving benefits holds good whereas any other unethical conduct of performance either in employment or outside, brings a negative remark in service record as well in personal life. Being loyal and honest to employment is a long-term investment for an employee to reap good rewards and benefits.

Prisons around the world are full of violators of law and in fact prisoners fall short of prisons and that is why more than one prisoner occupies cells. Criminal Justice System has always been non-prejudicial in bringing the crime to the public awareness and there is no part of the world, where crime rate is zero.

Criminal Justice System of England and Wales, endeavors to reduce the offences and to improve the levels of public confidence about fair justice system and Canadian Government has been working hard to control the crime, prevention and justice.   Senate voted laws in the ancient Rome.  Courts, police, corrections who discharge a great length of activities in charging the guilty and it is certainly a laborious task to investigate and detect crimes, chasing the criminals and confiscate.

Whether by virtue of being a political leader, government employee, or a private sector employee, law does not permit any individual to deal with the benefits as an entitlement to the respective to the position. Violating legal frames hold individuals as violators of law and therefore have to be either penalized, punished or imprisoned, which at times even includes police officials in various nations.

ConclusionEmployee behavior is at personal level, democracy and law works at both personal,  national and international level and as well government policies. Criminal justice system is an autonomous body, which even confiscates public, corporate and political leaders without any reservation, in case there is a serious crime committed.  DNA test has been essential for forensic science in detection of criminals.  Lawmakers have been reforming the rules of crime detection from time to time, with the changing social and political scenario.


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