World better off today then fifty years ago

Life was simpler years ago unemployment was not a issue with a good economy taking place people had good paying jobs allowing them take care of thier familys and afford to pay their bills. Jobs were readly avaiable for skilled labors as manufacturing jobs and cost burdons being placed on companies ,they started to out source jobs to other countries and the cost to do bussness in America was to much so people were losing there jobs and those jobs will never return causing greater unemployment.

As we sit down for a family gathering the conversation came up between my brother and i about how people are getting along in America today and trying to make him understand that people are not better off today then fifty years ago due to job loss. Unemplyoment in May 1953 was the lowest ever, being 2. 50% and in November 1982 ,being the highest 10. 80% and the average annual rate in 1948 was 5. 82% In August of 2013 the annual unemployment rate was 7. 30%.

People today are finding it harder to find good paying full time work since (2007)and due to the job losses people are lossing thier homes to foreclouser in record numbers enough that the goverment had to step in and save people from finacial ruins. The goverment also had to bail out the auto industry and banks to keep us from complete colapes. Companies are laying off older long term employees and replacing them with part time workers so they do not have to pay for health insurance and retirements.

Companies are not hiring workers at a fast enough pace due to a bad economy along with concerns over the new health care laws and tax burdons so they out sourcing jobs to other countries to save costs. Technology is also destroying jobs in america as evidence shows digital technologies are threating jobs through automation there are fewer people working in manufacturing today since (1997). Automotive plants ,many of which were transformed by automation in the (1980)and have taken away skilled blue collar labor jobs which will never return.