The Immigration Status of the United States

The United States today is a basin of different races. As a free country, people prefer to go and stay in the United States, as compared to staying in other countries like France or Japan, where there is a higher possibility of getting harassed, arrested, or get deported. The United States is a free country, a place that welcomes people who are willing to stay. It is a place that promises opportunities, religious freedom, high paying jobs, a haven for people who dislike the current situation of their home countries (Lee). Why people move? The push-pull factors

People move due to many reasons. Some people move for economic reasons, wherein their country is experiencing problems like inflation, lack of proper funding, budget cuts and more. Some people migrate to avoid political problems and religious issues. The Push factor: Push factors include the unemployment, the absence of job opportunities, lack of lands for farming, widespread shortage in resources, and war within their country. A good example depicting a push factor is the Great Depression that the United States had encountered way back in the 30’s.

Hard times such as these forced more residents to leave the US than to come in. The Pull factor: Factors that pull or encourage immigrants to come to the US include a more prosperous economy, good immigration laws and regulations, benefits or subsidies offered to the people. Job opportunities attract more people to come in and work in the country. Also, the US promises a better quality of life than that of their countries. Jobs are high paying and have more opportunities for them ("Human Population: Fundamentals of Growth – Effect of Migration on Population Growth ").

Illegal Immigration and its Costs Virtually anyone with the means of going to the United States could stay and live here. But the question is its legality. Is it allowed by the law? Some immigrants go to the US as visitors and stay there for good. Because of this, the federal budget is greatly affected. These illegal immigrants are not paying there taxes because they do not have legal records from the government. They have cheap jobs which do not impose taxes. They are cheating the government by evading their responsibilities.

Let’s say the government’s budget is enough only for the taxpayers. But these illegal immigrants also compete with the people paying their taxes for the utilities offered by the government. The result would be a budget deficit. That would be very hard for all, the government, and the innocent people (White). Ending the Problem Solving the problem on illegal immigration means strictly enforcing Immigration laws. This could greatly help reducing the fiscal costs brought about by illegal immigration. It would also mean exerting more effort and dedication from the people.


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