The Human rights act 2

The Human rights act 2000 cannot be directly enforced. However, if there is reason to believe that your basic rights have been breached and there is evidence to prove this then the case can be brought to court. Access to Health Records Act 1990 The act allows patients & close relatives to access health records being "consists of information relating to the physical or mental health of an individual who can be identified from that and other information in the possession of the holder of the record" Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Under the above act it is deemed an offence for an individual to be involved in arrangements that have indications of being of assistance to another person in "acquiring retaining, using or controlling the proceeds of crime" Anyone that suspects that any type of criminal activity is going on e. g. Money Laundering is under obligation to report this to the firm's money laundering officer. The officer would then report this to the governing agency. If this was a money laundering offence then the governing body would be the National Crime Intelligence service (NCIS). Money Laundering Regulations 2003

The act is concerned with an individual trying to launder money through a financial organisation e. g. bank, building society, estate agency. If a person is found guilty of carrying out such a crime then they can be sentenced for up to 14 years. A person who assists a money laundering operation can receive up to 5 years imprisonment. Electronic Communications Act 2000 To make provision to facilitate the use of electronic communications & electronic data storage; to make provision about the modification of licences, granted under section 7 of the Telecommunications Act 1984 & for connected purposes"

The act is in place to protect people who conduct their business via an electronic means. Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 The above regulations are in place to cover a variety of online activities , which also concern the selling of goods and services electronically. Points taken from the Regulation: The seller must provide certain details e. g. Name, Geographic address, Contact details including email address etc. There must also be clear and precise steps provided to the buyer e. g.

"different steps to follow to conclude the contact", " different steps to follow to conclude the contract" In the event that any of the regulations are not met and a contractual dispute occurs, then under the Brussels regulation the buyer has the right to prosecute in his or her country of residence. Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 The above act concerns the processing of personal data & the protection of privacy in the electronic communication sector. 2. In today's world, keeping up to date with new legislation is very simple.

This is due to the Internet. The invention of the Internet has made keeping up to date with new legislation a simple task. The Internet has a number of sites with readily available information about any act or regulation that you wish to know about. Some of the documents are fairly lengthy, but explain the sections of each act or regulation in great depth. www. hmso. gov. uk/acts This was the most resourceful website that I used. It has the full range of Information about the all the acts and regulations that I needed to know about.

The site is fairly detailed and explains each section of each regulation and act in great depth. The only fault that this website has is that some of the sections are fairly hard to understand, due to the style of English that they have used. It has been written in a style that was difficult for a native speaker to clearly understand. www. informationcommissioner. gov. uk This was the next site that I used fairly concisely. I felt that it was the easiest site to use and probably my favourite out of all the sites that I used.

The Information was very easy to understand as it was written in a clear and concise way. The acts that it helped me with the most were The Freedom of Information act 2000 and The Data Protection Act 1998. These two acts were clearly explained and examples were given. www. hm-treasury. gov. uk Although I did not use this site as much as I used the other two sites, this site helped me a fair amount with two legislations in particular. These were: Money Laundering Regulations 2003 & Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

The HM-treasury website is a financial Information site, the above two legislations are financially linked, which is why the site gave in depth information about the legislations. http://europa. eu. int/eur The final website that would be of use would be one to do with EU(European Union) rules and regulations. The United Kingdom is a member state of the EU, therefore must go by what rules and regulations are set by the EU. Although I did not use this site a deal, it always came up when acts or regulations were inputted into the search engine.