The Employment Rights Act Analysis Paper

Botanic Inns provide a more flexible work force and operate methods of working. Botanic Inns will then be able to attract a wider range of applicants for any vacancies and retain exciting staff the company already has invested. The staff are more likely to be motivated and committed in their job. Regarding to this certain areas may be considered Managers may need to change management practices to manage flexible workers Managers may need to develop alternative methods of communication to ensure flexible workers are kept up to date Managers must be able to maintain continuity and cover

Shortage of work, retirement and redundancy policy If there is shortage of work or for any reason an employee can't work Botanic Inns will then replace someone for a shortage of time or suspend the employee with out pay. This will be done in accordance with the provisions of the current employment legislation. If in event this matter should arise: #Consideration will be given to a range of appropriate factors, such as length of continuous service, disciplinary record, attendance record and suitability for the work that remains. #Botanic Inns company policy for retirement is to leave that Friday after the employee becomes 65 years of age.

Botanic Inns has received an award in investor in people. They have won this award as they believe in training and developing their employees to their best standards. Botanic Inns is clear about its objectives and how its people need to achieve them and there for is recognised as an investor in people. The impact of this investment in people relies on their performance. This standard is important to Botanic Inns because the are devoted to developing all people that they recognise the value of continuous learning, training and development.

Investors in people is important to employees as they want job satisfaction and they also want to be proud to work for Botanic Inns. It is also important to customers as the want good products and good service that will meet their needs. The Human Resources department for Botanic Inns has a responsibility for training and development through out the company. Then will then see their staff as a good resource that will help the company to achieve their aim and objectives providing that the employees are training and much developed.

Botanic Inns aim is to ensure all employees have the best training, opportunities to excel themselves through out their job to receive job satisfaction and to reach the highest standard of efficiency and competence. Botanic Inns would encourage their employees to gain more qualifications in putting them on a program example GNVQ'S in Business this would help the employee to be confident, receive communication and people skills as well as customer service. The company and employee both benefit from this.